Karzai appeals to U.S. taxpayers

August 23, 2010

karzai1Afghan President Hamid Karzai is taking a page from the playbook of American politicians campaigning for public office: talk to the taxpayers.

Karzai is on a campaign to give the boot to tens of thousands of foreign private security guards working in Afghanistan. He’s already put the U.S. government on notice that the private security firms operating in his country will be disbanded within four months.

On Sunday, the Afghan leader took his case directly to the American people.

“I am appealing to the U.S. taxpayer not to allow their hard-earned money to be wasted on groups that are not only providing lots of inconveniences to the Afghan people but actually are, God knows, in contact with Mafia-like groups and perhaps also funding militants and insurgents and terrorists through those funds,” Karzai said on in an ABC “This Week” interview.

Karzai said the relatively high pay that foreign security firms offer is keeping Afghans from joining the police and security forces.

“Why would an Afghan young man come to the police if he can get a job in a security firm, have a lot of leeway and without any discipline?” Karzai said.

The private security firms should be banned because “they trample our people’s rights and disrupt security,” Karzai said in a speech earlier this month.

Private security contractors work mainly for Western entities, including the U.S. government, and compete for contracts worth billions. They’re not accountable to local authority.

Karzai’s decree ordering private security companies to disband is part plan for the Afghan government to take responsibility for all security in the country from 2014.

Photo Credit:  REUTERS/Omar Sobhani ( Karzai speaks at the Civil Service Institute in Kabul, Aug. 7, 2010); REUTERS/Yuri Cortez/Pool (Karzai speaks during a meeting with Sen. John Kerry at the Presidential Palace in Kabul Aug. 20)


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The U.S. has been involved in Afghanistan, for 8 years & 321 days. We are fighting a war that cannot be won. President Karzai has vowed to reach some form of resolution with The Taliban.
Mr. Karzai has reached out directly to American citizens for our support. He is not able to recruit his own people to work with him due to our military & subversive contractor involvement. Enough already. We need to pull out of this war & let the man run his own affairs.

Posted by Trashton | Report as abusive

Karzai, the problem is with you not being willing to enforce the law against your own family which is hip deep in various corrupt activities. I sure hope the US is getting names, pictures, and retinal scans of all your cronies so we know who to not let into this country when the Taliban takes over from your inept, feckless administration. If you’re truly a patriot for the Afghan cause you’d do whatever it takes to gain control over your government.

Posted by borisjimbo | Report as abusive