Lawyer promises new bombshell in Whitman housekeeper flap

September 30, 2010


The political flap over what California Republican Meg Whitman knew about her former housekeeper’s illegal immigration status — and when she knew it — appears to be heading for a new climax.

The woman’s lawyer says she will release evidence today that Whitman lied when she denied knowing her ex-employee was an undocumented worker.
Nicky Diaz, who worked for Whitman from 2000 to 2007, emerged this week to air tearful allegations that the Republican gubernatorial nominee knowingly employed her illegally and treated her poorly.

Whitman supporters say the allegations are a political smear timed to surface in the closing weeks of her campaign against Democratic rival Jerry Brown.
Whitman says Diaz is lying and maintains the former housekeeper provided a Social Security card and other documents to show she could work legally in the United States when she was hired. 
The former eBay executive says she first learned of Diaz’ illegal status in 2009, after she had begun her run for governor, and fired the woman on the spot.

CALIFORNIA-POLITICS/But Diaz’ attorney Gloria Allred, who has been a friend and supporter of Brown, told ABC’s Good Morning America that she will release a 2003 Social Security Administration letter that told Whitman and her husband of a mismatch involving their housekeeper’s Social Security number. 
“Today, at noon in my office, we are going to produce that letter,” Allred told ABC. “That was a tip-off to her and her husband that she was employing an undocumented worker.” 
Before Allred appeard on ABC, Whitman herself told the TV network that she never got a letter from the Social Security Administration in 2003 or at any other time.
“We never received those letters,” Whitman said. “We had no idea that she was not here legally.”
ABC: Absolute, unequivocal denial?
Whitman: “Absolute unequivocal denial.”
Instead, she suggested Allred was coordinating her activities with Brown.
“I wouldn’t be suprised if there was a fair amount of coordination,” Whitman said. “I don’t know. But clearly, she’s a Democrat. She’s contributed to his campaign. They’ve been working together for many years.” USA-ELECTIONS/CALIFORNIA
Then came Allred’s denial: “No one from Jerry Brown’s campaign has contacted me. I haven’t contacted them. As far as my client goes, Nicky doesn’t know anyone in politics, was not contacted by the Brown campaign. She didn’t contact them. The only person she knows in politics is Meg Whitman.”


Photo credits: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni (Diaz and Allred); Reuters/Lucy Nicholson (Whitman); Reuters/Pool (Brown)


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Posted by Whitman bid rocked by maid’s immigration status – The Associated Press « Contacto Latino News | Report as abusive

What a load… This woman was making $23 for watching some kids and driving them around (illegally and without insurance i might add). She should consider herself extremely lucky. There are many people with 4 year degrees who don’t make that kind of money, and oh damn, she worked a few hours over without getting paid, welcome to my world and many others who actually go out of there way to keep a good job. One last thing i’d like to point out, if this was such a terrible job and she was being abused etc… why it the heck did she stay there for 9 years?

Posted by spaceman109 | Report as abusive

I am forever amazed at how little our officials know about what is really being done(or not)about undocumented workers in this country. I live in Texas and have worked in the administrative side of the construction business and as a staffing agent. When social security numbers don’t match IRS simply send a notice over and over again. There’s no enforcement at all!! The undocumented will then just change jobs, staying infront of the IRS. This explains why they are allowed to work in the USA undocumented. No one is enforcing any laws. The constuction business in this state is primarily undocumented mexicans. They produce a social security card and driver’s license which is all that is required. The companies know but hire them anyway because white men nor black men will not work that type of laboring job unless they make $20.00++ per hour. Since they keep reinstating unemployment the white and black stay on. The construction company then has no choice but hire the illegal; they need the workers’. The illegal’s are more than happy to work for $10.00 per hour and take it to mexico. So the government is getting this undocumented tax money. Why then would they want to enforce any laws? The whole immigration thing is just a political tool and will never be a reality.

Since the undocumented worker (Nicky Diaz) had access to Mrs. Whitman’s mail, she had the ability to remove those letters from the IRS, which is another law Nicky Dias has broken. Put her butt on a bus back to her country because I do not want my hard earned dollars going to her jail time.

Posted by OTLRDTM1958 | Report as abusive

Maybe Allred should consider representing her “client” with regard to an immigration status hearing. Ms. Diaz obviously entered the U.S. illegally, knowingly obtained a false S.S. card for employment purposes and kept up the deception for the entire time she was in the employ of Ms. Whitman. It’s a logical conclusion that Ms. Diaz is the one that must be held accountable. Why hasn’t she been charged and the government begun the process of deportation (maybe imprisonment for the illegal acts during her stay in the U.S.)??? Ms. Allred should think about actually doing legitimate legal representation instead of grandstanding for the media…

Posted by C.Graham | Report as abusive

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Posted by Will Allegations from Meg Whitman’s Housekeeper Hurt Her in November? – CBS News | Conservatives for America | Report as abusive

Skeletons in the undisclosed political closet.

Politics are going from bad to worse, as the true temperament is shown by distressed incumbents trying to hold onto their seats in Washington or state assemblies. By hell and high water lawmakers will do anything not to be voted out of their cushy jobs. Already they have their perpetual pensions and outrageous perks. Let’s take Jerry Brown in his tournament against Meg Whitman. Out of the blue comes an allegation that the lady hired and exploited an illegal alien? Personally I think this is a vendetta, attributed to Jerry Brown being in bed with the powerful unions. My private issue is that we must purge our country of illegal aliens, to raise wages for the average worker and not let it remain as a magnet for desperate people from around the world. The undercurrent is that business, including corporation in the agricultural commerce, are not required by law to pay for the health care and education, nor the undisclosed programs given to illegal workers and families and children—you as the taxpayer are weighed down with this tax..

Think about this–if we were not forced by law to pay taxes, to support the illegal household’s, we would have more than enough money to concentrate on our own impoverished American people. My guess the unions do not want billionaire Meg Whitman in office, because they will not be able to influence her as Jerry Brown with questionable monetary favors and campaign contributions? Let’s face it–after a whole year has passed, this elusive illegal alien female maid comes out the woodwork to accuse Whitman, of all sorts of improprieties. This lady has already admitted she broke immigration laws by using false identification, and then she suddenly comes forward to denounce Meg Whitman. Unions and other entities have plenty of money to spend, to deceive the Public with their own ideological premise?

Then in New York with have gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo who has yet to be questioned on his connection with the real estate crash? Cuomo has been branded with the label; “The architect of Ruin” as HUD’s chief in 1997 He had complete regulatory authority over home finance, with the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporations (FHLMC) — also known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As a blunt liberal Democrat, Cuomo immediately began implementing plans for “change”. His agenda was an entire social engineering programs, planned to — in his words –“improve the “GSE presence in the sub-prime market, that could have significant benefit to lower-income families, minorities, and families living in underserved areas.” Cuomo arrogantly announced that the funding would be used to let families and even hundreds of thousands illegal aliens with no—DOWN PAYMENTS; purchasing homes with low interest rate mortgages.

By 2000, Andrew Cuomo had manipulated colossal new lending programs for the poor and others who couldn’t normally qualify. It raised the prerequisite for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to purchase half of all of their loans from low-income borrowers, with little or no paperwork required. Previously, the man had issued 187 pages of regulations for Mac and Mae. These policies “unequivocally rejected the proposal of imposing any new reporting requirements on the GSEs… This became a major problem–that resulted in HUD having no legal direction of effectively telling how abusive the low-income mortgage lending it was mandating might be.” When the housing price bubble finally collapsed, after igniting under the insane social engineering programs shaped by Andrew Cuomo, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were all but insolvent; leaving the taxpayers with a bill that could reach $1 trillion dollars. For Governor Bloomberg and newspaper personage Rupert Murdock and all corporate entities who want to give Amnesty—simply money and greed. Its not their money that subsidizes illegal immigrants–its the good boy taxpayer.

How quickly Liberal oriented editors in the National press intentionally fail to pass this outrageous performance on to the general public. ALL INCUMBENTS HAVE NASTY SKELETONS IN THEIR CUPBOARDS, WHICH NEED TO BE OPENED WIDE FOR THE VOTING ELECTORATE. Who wants either Andrew Cuomo or Jerry Brown in office with portentous cases of contemptible injustices to the US population, let alone California or New York? Then we have Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Nancy Pelosi using their ill-gotten influence in”Gerrymandering” elected districts. Specifically in California to circumvent the voters’ wishes as with proposition 24, by trying to deceive the people with a undermining ad campaign. It’s shameless that the national press and its investigative reporters have aligned themselves with the Liberal extremists and fringe groups and keeping quiet on these subjects.

All incumbents must be detached from office in November, so we can start afresh and find some middle ground to resurface for this offal. We don’t need any more Harry Reid, who himself has questionable business practices since he has been in office, nor his cemented vision of overwhelming America with illegal foreign faces. Reid must be unseated, in addition with Democrat Barbara Boxer who was against building the Mexican/US fence and then attributed to underfunding as a single–one–line –fence–AND NOT TWO RUNNING PARALLEL THROUGH THE FOUR BORDER STATES. Reid also nearly crushed the E-Verify program. Yet he has shielded somewhere between 12 and 20 million illegal entries from any kind of immigration enforcement and now yet further orders by ICE headquarters, to detain—ONLY– criminals.

Our country is under terrible financial strain from two wars and a commitment by Democrats and their Liberal base, with lesser few of elusive Republicans as pro amnesty aficionados. These lawmakers are still determined in entertaining funding, the support of Instant citizenship for the infants of foreign nationals, public entitlements and cash payments to anybody who skirts our immigration laws in arriving here. The dollar amount we spend on unauthorized people is a phenomenon, which is the GRP of many small countries. GOOGLE OR YAHOO–using such keywords as “illegal immigrant costs or Anchor baby costs”–then learn the truth for yourselves, instead of my dialogue and then understand where massive amounts of your taxes are going? All pro-Amnesty legislators must not get a foot in the door again, as they will pack the welfare offices. As an Independent voter,

I like to throw my angry words of inconceivable amounts of cash expenditures for illegal aliens at my Indiana politicians. You can do the same in your state at either your federal dimwits or state politicians who acclaim to be deaf, but readily available for special interest lobbyists. Rattle politicians self righteous cages at 202-224-3121. Remember if we don’t speak up for ourselves–NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. Lastly, keep a sharp eye on the polling stations as illegal immigrants who have broached our immigration laws. They will think nothing of violating our sovereign citizens rights in fraudulent voting, specially with absentee ballots or states with lax laws.

Posted by Brittanicus | Report as abusive

To the public at large, I to will admit of the tremendous corruption by many businesses who continue to hire illegal immigrants here in the U.S. I have traveled throughout the western hemisphere and especially Mexico and I will say this that many personal farmers who I personally know on a one to one basis, have field workers who would never leave them nor even think of coming to the U.S.
I have voted Democrat all my life in California,but Meg WILL get my vote. As for Pelon(Brown)he has been one of the culprits that has participated a lifetime in allowing the decline of California and the great deficit we now have incurred. All the real estate scandal that we have was allowed by Attorney General Browns to let it happen along with Illegal Immigrants being abel to buy homes that prove his particpating corruption. Schools are so jammed up with so many illegal kids primarily from Mexico that it has thrown a monkey-wrench in a
higher learning atmosphere of learning for all kids.
Teachers are so screwed up and having to back-track to help kids that should not be here in the first place let alone with all the drug problems they have to deal with these days.
Many lawyers today should also be held accountable for creating such tremendous judicial calumny in our court system and fine them accordingly.
We definitely need new people in government and less of it.

Posted by Sinverguenza | Report as abusive

Let me see if I understand the rules. Because the federal government won’t do its job of securing our boarders we are individully responsible for checking the immigration status of illegals and can get in lots of trouble if we don’t–except in Arizona, where if you do check their immigration status you are in just as much trouble as someone from California who doesn’t check their immigration status…is that right? I’m confused.
What if you are a resident of Arizona but hire someone in California–do the rules cancel each other?

Posted by rw93003 | Report as abusive

Let me see if I understand the rules. Because the federal government won’t do its job of securing our borders we are individully responsible for checking the immigration status of illegals and can get in lots of trouble if we don’t–except in Arizona, where if you do check their immigration status you are in just as much trouble as someone from California who doesn’t check their immigration status…is that right? I’m confused.
What if you are a resident of Arizona but hire someone in California–do the rules cancel each other?

Posted by rw93003 | Report as abusive

@Brittanicus – Congratulations- you win the hot air, long winded diatribe of the year award!

Apparently the astute masses here have missed a major point, Ms. Diaz’s immigration status does not validate Ms. Whitman’s scoffing of the law.

Or to put it another way, can I come over and rob your house because you illegally parked in front of mine?

Take your time and think this one through kids…

Posted by mynamehear2 | Report as abusive

It is when such allegations surface where we see the ugly side and the dishonesty that is rife in politics. With so many testimonies from each side and hidden agendas, it is hard to tell who is telling the truth. In such cases where no significant evidence is available, the prowess of the lawyers from either side will help turn the tide.

Posted by VictoriaSA | Report as abusive