Say hello to an average American citizen

October 8, 2010

christineChristine O’Donnell says her  “I Am Not A Witch” ad is an attempt  to reintroduce herself to the public… after some old video put a damper on her national debut.

Delaware’s Republican U.S. Senate nominee was still savoring her stunning primary victory when the video clips from her past television appearances resurfaced.

Let’s just say, the old Christine wasn’t exactly the image the new Christine wanted to project — thus the reintroduction.

“I’m an average American citizen. I’m an average Delawarean, I want to go to Washington to do what most Delawareans would do,” O’Donnell said in a CNN interview . “That’s what my message ‘I’m you’ means.”

O’Donnell says she’s not embarrassed by those video clips in which a young O’Donnell talks about her theory of  evolution, her views on abstinence and her dabbling in witchcraft.

“Today you have a 40-something woman running for office, not a 20-year-old. So that’s a big difference,” O’Donnell said, in the rare interview.

O’Donnell has the backing of the conservative Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin. But she says the former Alaska governor is not a political counselor.

“She does not advise my campaign,” O’Donnell said. “She gives me ‘you go girl’ advice. ”

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (O’Donnell at the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit in Washington)


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Christine, average Americans do not practice witchcraft, no matter what their age is. Please do not cast yourself as average — because if you do, you are also casting yourself as a liar.

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Hopefully one only has to check that “average American citizen” so-called “career” over wikipedia to know that she’s more of a political hack living on campaign funds, an ultra-conservative nutjob, a proven liar and a fraud than any average American… In short proudly representing the leaning of the current GOP. %27Donnell

Posted by sensi | Report as abusive

Sure, we should ALL use Wikipedia as our authoritative source of information on this.

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amusing comment…another backer of CAREER politicians..GOOGLE taxes we pay..want to rant on something..decades of these people picking our pockets..
Medical..COSTS never addressed…
Medicare pays 80%–done..NO Sup.Ins needed..Doc/Hospitals want more let them justify the $10.00 aspirin and $20.00 box of Kleenex .. GET IT…

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