McCain sees India, U.S. teaming up against “troubling” China

November 5, 2010


As President Barack Obama begins his visit to India, his erstwhile rival John McCain is voicing hope that Washington and New Delhi will tighten up their military cooperation in the face of China’s “troubling” assertiveness.

McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential candidate and the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, told a think-tank audience in Washington on Friday that the two huge democracies were natural allies in the quest to temper China’s ambitions.

“While India and the United States each continue to encourage a peaceful rise for China, we must recognize that one of the greatest factors for shaping this outcome and making it more likely is a robust U.S.-India strategic partnership,” McCain said.

McCain suggested that India and the United States could increase the level of representation at each other’s central military commands and work to make their armed forces more “interoperable” through joint military exercises and sharing of intelligence.

“There’s no reason why we can’t work to facilitate India’s deployment of advanced defense capabilities such as nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, missile defense architecture as well as India’s inclusion in the development of the joint strike fighter,” the next generation fighter aircraft being developed by the United States, the United Kingdom and others, McCain said.

The United States should also firmly back India’s desire for a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, he said.

McCain said both Washington and New Delhi hope that China’s rise to power is accompanied by Chinese decisions to wield that power responsibly, but said recent moves by Beijing hinted otherwise.

“From undermining the multilateral effort to pressure North Korea and  Iran to give up their illicit nuclear weapons programs, to resisting entreaties to revalue its currency, to provocatively contesting territorial disputes with several Asian nations. There appears to be….a new assertiveness on the part of China, and that is very troubling,” McCain said.

McCain said a major problem was India’s concern that the United States was not playing to win in Afghanistan, which could ultimately leave India’s traditional rival Pakistan with an upper hand.

“If we quit Afghanistan before positive conditions can be shaped and sustained on the ground, the consequences will certainly be terrible for us, but will be even worse for India which will have a terrorist safe haven on its periphery,” said McCain, who has repeatedly questioned Obama’s pledge to begin drawing down U.S. forces in Afghanistan next summer.

The United States needs to lean harder on Paksitan’s military to crack down on extremist elements who threaten India, Afghanistan and the United States, McCain said,  adding that India in particular had shown “extraordinary restraint” in the face of provocations such as the 2008 Mumbai attacks which were carried out by gunmen alleged to have Pakistani ties.

But he said that patience was wearing thin and the next attack could spell serious trouble.

“If god forbid our luck runs out, I don’t know if restraint will be an option, either for India or for us,” he said.

PHOTO CREDIT: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (Senator John McCain appears at Reuters Summit in Washington on Sept 10, 2010)


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Republicans see the real issues and a lot more convincing!

I wonder how did he lose last elections? We’d have both th wars over and China, Pakistan under check, had McCain won!

McCain in 2012?

Posted by Francesca_999 | Report as abusive

He seems to know what the exact reality is and what should be done. though I had been a big fan of Obama but he always gave a lot of dissapointment. Words are not good enough but now even his words even superficially arent good enough

Posted by itsmeacer | Report as abusive

Actually, if Russia could also join such an alliance, then China would be completely contained. China’s brand of authoritarian government is like a cancer which needs to be halted before more countries become infected.

Posted by marisa70394 | Report as abusive

Republicans are better than obama for India.During president Bush period India comes closer to U.S.Obama visit is not going to bring anything to India or U.S.It will be symbolic.I am happy for republican election victory in recent election.cheers guys…

Posted by sri-india | Report as abusive

Why not contain USA, they are the one causing trobles all over the world in the names of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction,protector of democracy..etc. Sad people don’t see it. May be they have the high tech weapons to show off hence engage themselves in wars with others and negleting their own home economy and blame China for ungrateful to China had bridged them thru the tough times… China’s help mean nothing!!!

Posted by Sheba | Report as abusive

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Posted by McCain sees India, U.S. teaming up against “troubling” China | One Stop Everything News | Report as abusive

Let us upgrade our knowledge, the European Govts now regard China a number 1 in the World. Is there any one still there who regards Mr McCain’s comments seriously. During the last election he submitted a one hundred pages medical history. Let us wish him good health.

Rex Minor

Posted by pakistan | Report as abusive

McCain has a point here, If India does not co-operate then US will challenge China through Pakistan or South Korea, Regionally North Korea too is here.
Arvind Pereira

Posted by pereiraarvindin | Report as abusive

Why would India want to be our card to play versus China? Maybe the two of them would rather team up and create the new world order in manufacturing instead of go to war with each other.

Posted by borisjimbo | Report as abusive

This guy is sooo ugly… Did he get his face burnt off at some point in his life??

Posted by brian_decree | Report as abusive


No, he merely spent 7 years as a POW in Vietnam.

You are so insensitive and mean spirited. What makes you so perfect?

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Hahaaa look who’s talking

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

The problem is, 8 years of Bush deficits sold out the American economy to China. When Nixon went to China the idea was that our engagement would have a moderating effect. Now we have lost most of our leverage as we are more dependent on them than they are on us.

Posted by jmmx | Report as abusive

Perhaps we should ask ourselves why John McCain would want to escalate the rhetoric in an already tense situation with China so publicly. Does anyone think that the best way to bring our situation with China to a peaceful conclusion would include teaming up with another country and issuing daily public insults about your supposed world partners (ie China)?

I have two theories. One, though certainly no proof exists, is that McCain would like Obama to look bad at all costs, so he has set him up to fail in foreign policy by picking the easiest public fight in history!

The second, though less develish is probably the most likely. McCain really does believe that the best way to change things is through public feuding and insult escalation and furhter through military action and intimidation. This itself is a problem. Shouldn’t war still be the “last resort”? And if you want to go to war or pick a fight with somebody, why not North Korea? They are dangerous and they are furthermore testing nuclear weapons and shooting up South Korean islands with missles.

I can only surmise that McCain really believes these things because the initial explanation is just too scary to think about. That would make him an out and out traitor to the United States and I certainly hope that this war hero would never be on the level of Boehner and that he could somehow rise above that Republican Charleton.

But that leaves this aweful explanation about the military being first and foremost on his mind to use in nearly any situation. He has often said that he would never negotiate with what he perceived to be terrorists. He has made marked comments on how he would never even open lines of communication with people that he perceived to be threats. Well, I ask you, what would be the outcome of that disastrous policy 100% of the time? War. No thanks. Bush gave us enough unjustified war. Let’s work it out this time.

Posted by MarkoGA | Report as abusive

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Posted by How To Save America From The Abyss : Project Pakistan 21 | Project For Pakistan In 21st Century | Securing The Perimeter | Report as abusive

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