Cheney was upset that Bush didn’t pardon Libby — president’s memoir

November 8, 2010

USA-SECURITY/CHENEYGeorge W. Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points,” is full of newsy tidbits, and there’s a lot of material about his relationship with his vice president, Dick Cheney, whom Bush considered dumping from the 2004 ticket.

In the book, which hits bookstore shelves on Tuesday, Bush describes how upset Cheney was at him for his refusal to give a full pardon to Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the senior Cheney aide who got caught up in the Valerie Plame scandal and who in 2007 was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Bush commuted the sentence, but refused entreaties to give Libby a full pardon.

Bush writes that in the closing days of his time in the White House in early 2009, Cheney pressed his case that Libby should be pardoned, and was angry when Bush refused.

“I can’t believe you’re going to leave a soldier on the battlefield,” Cheney told Bush.

USA-CRIME/LIBBY“The comment stung,” Bush writes. “I had never seen Dick like this, or even close to this. I worried that the friendship we had built was about to be severely strained, at best.”

Bush tells NBC’s Matt Lauer in an interview to air tonight that their friendship survived the dispute. “I’m pleased to report we are friends today,” Bush said.

Bush says in the book that “one of the biggest surprises of my presidency was the flood of pardon requests at the end.”

Photo credits: REUTERS/Larry Downing (U.S. President George W. Bush and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, November 6, 2008)

REUTERS/Larry Downing (Lewis “Scooter” Libby after sentencing at U.S. District Court in Washington, June 5, 2007)


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Aww, poor little Dick.

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The underlying story to the non-pardon has everything to do with making sure that Libby won’t ever reveal Bush’s own role in exposing Valerie Plame’s identity.

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George you are still there? Give us a break please. We know that Mr Obama is proving even worst than your draconiac rule, please give him another two years to sort out the mess you left for him!

Rex Minor

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