Clinton dispels bikini wrestling myths in Australia

November 8, 2010


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would like the world to know: the United States is not about wearing bikinis and wrestling all day.

Clinton took her personal diplomacy to Australia’s airwaves,  braving a popular radio comedy team who grilled her on potato chips, reality tv and the diplomacy of barbecues.

Clinton’s appearance on the Hamish and Andy show was part of her effort to get in front of as many foreign audiences as possible, and the official transcript released by the State Department makes for some bizarre reading.

For one, Clinton had to dispel some unrealistic notions of American life as conveyed by popular reality shows such as “Keeping up the Kardashians”.

“If you look at American TV as much of the rest of the world does, you would think we all went around wrestling and wearing bikinis.  I mean, that’s what you would think we spend our entire day,” Clinton said.

Not even a bit of the day? Clinton wouldn’t be drawn.

But the top U.S. diplomat laughed off her hosts’ gift of some “gravy-flavored” potato chips, saying they had met their match — if not in her, at least in some of her staff.

“I cannot tell you how much this means to me,” Clinton said. “I am an eater of chips.”

Clinton gamely discussed negotiations with husband Bill over favorite take-out dinner orders (Chinese vs. Thai), and had generally favorable reviews of White House decoration make-overs undertaken under the Bush and Obama administrations.

But no matter how broad her smile, Clinton let a little of her edge show through.

Asked by one of the hosts if during her career as First Lady, senator and now secretary of state, she had ever uttered the phrase “You’ve just made a very powerful enemy,” Clinton paused.

“No, but I’ve thought it,” she replied.

PHOTO CREDIT:  REUTERS/Christian Carisius (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laughs during a news conference in Germany, November 2009)


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so, we got any foreign service offices in Iowa? She could be making that tour real soon.

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First of all Hamish and Andy don’t grill anyone… they’re non-political soft comedians.

Secondly no-one in Australia thinks the US is about bikinis and wrestling. When we think America we think guns, war, money, Jerry Springer and loud, dumb, arrogant people… the same as everyone else thinks..

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[…] would like the world to know: the United States is not about wearing bikinis and wrestling all day. Global News Journal This entry was posted in Global News and tagged Australia, Bikini, Clinton, dispels, Myths, […]

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