Will she? Won’t she? Palin’s still a maybe

November 17, 2010

OBAMA/Republican celebrity, best-selling author, reality TV star and self-proclaimed mama grizzly Sarah Palin is thinking about adding another title to her ever-growing resume: U.S. president.

Not exactly news, except that the forthcoming issue of the New York Times Magazine says she’s now thinking seriously, right down to the need for new advisers and the means to prove herself on the issues.

Palin, whose titles also include 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and former Alaska governor, acknowledges that much in an interview with the magazine, according to a preview published by Politico.

“I’m engaged in the internal deliberations candidly, and having that discussion with my family, because my family is the most important consideration here,” Palin says.

Politico says that the magazine says that Palin says there aren’t meaningful differences in policy among the field of GOP hopefuls “but that in fact there’s more to the presidency than that” (those are Palin’s words in quotation marks). Her decision would involve evaluating whether she could bring unique qualities to the table. “Yes, the organization would have to change,” Palin says. “I’d have to bring in more people — more people who are trustworthy.” 

The magazine is published with The New York Times’ Sunday editions.

The U.S. political debate has shifted like quicksilver to the 2012 presidential race since the Nov. 2 midterms, with Republican victories in the House and Senate boosting the hopes of Palin and a dozen other prospective GOP White House wannabes.

But Palin’s not the only TV celebrity subject to White House speculation.

There’s also MSNBC talk show co-host Joe Scarborough, a former House Republican from Florida. 

RTXU8KM_Comp1USA/The online Huffington Post says the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are trying to figure out whether they could be an independent presidential ticket in 2012. The HuffPost has already dubbed them: “The Independent Odd Couple.”

The only question is whether it’s true, and Scarborough is emphatic that it’s not: “I am starting to get a little irritated,” he said on air today. “We haven’t talked directly about this. We haven’t talked indirectly about this. There’s nothing to this.”

Photo Credits: Reuters/Brian Snyder (Obama-Palin Shop Window Display); Reuters/Fred Prouser (Scarborough); Reuters/Siu Chiu (Bloomberg)


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If Palin became president the World would never take America seriosly again

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Her family is the most important consideration for her? OK, how is she managing to shoot her reality series while taking care of a Downs baby with her eldest with her own baby to take care of playing reality TV star dancer? I’m guessing she’s got a lot of help, but she can afford it now that she’s on Murdoch’s payroll.

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