Trump sees China from the White House

November 18, 2010

RTR2EFAB_Comp-150x150Billionaire developer Donald Trump might like to be president. And if he were, he’d bring a hard view of China to the White House.

“I’d tax China,” he tells ABC News in an interview. “They laugh at us. They feel we’re fools. You know, they’re getting away with absolute murder. The products we used to make in this country, they’re making them in China. We’re rebuilding China.”

Trump, who set up an exploratory presidential committee in 1999, said he’ll decide on a 2012 White House run by June.

He doesn’t explain how he’d tax China — or whether taxing China would be any easier than taxing America.  But he’s sure the United States can still call CLIMATE-EARTHHHOUR/the shots, even if China has effectively become America’s banker by holding so darn much of the U.S. national debt. 

“We have the cards because we’re the ones who are spending all of this money in China,” The Donald says. “I’ve had bankers over the years. I don’t think the bankers have the cards.”
As for the presidency, Trump’s worth a lot and says he’d spend a lot to get elected: “It could be fun because I’d like to see some positive things happen for the country.”

Democratic Senator John Kerry, who ran for president in 2004, is also worried about the U.S. falling behind China. But his main concern is the paralyzing grip of ideological tension in Congress, where a new class of fiscal conservatives seems hardwired to cut spending and taxes and the debt. 

That, says Kerry, bodes ill for future U.S. investment in exciting new technologies like green energy and high-speed trains.

“All they want to do is USA-ELECTIONS/cut. They’re not talking about investing,” he tells MSNBC. “If all we do is come down here and focus on the deficit, without focusing on future investment, the United States is going to fall further behind.”

“We’re behind France, behind China, behind Germany, Japan. This is ridiculous,” he says. “We’re so far behind the curve with other countries, it’s embarrassing.” 

Could Trump’s proposal to tax China provide a happy median for Kerry and those debt-conscious conservatives? The wheeler-dealer contends that it would eliminate the debt Beijing holds over America. And China won’t be casting any ballots in the next congressional elections.

“We tax China, we’ll pay off that debt very quickly,” Trump assures ABC.

Photo Credits: Reuters/David Moir (Trump); Reuters/Aly Song (Shanghai Skyline); Reuters/Molly Riley (Tea Party Supporter)


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This man know crap about government probably the only thing he know about goverment is how to find loop holes and not pay taxes.

Posted by Lawyer822 | Report as abusive

Right On Mr. Trump. And while you’re at it, Go after the multinationals corps as committing treason against the USA for outsourcing every possible job there is. And after The US congress for accepting money from these traitors for outsourcing these jobs and for giving these corporations more rights than US citizens.
My God, no wonder the US is going down.

Posted by rockn473 | Report as abusive

No crown is big enough for this character.

Posted by brutus.353 | Report as abusive

this guy only knows how to chase blonds… running the country? he is ajoke.

Posted by decibel | Report as abusive

“I’ve had bankers over the years. I don’t think the bankers have the cards.”

This statement may be true! The man cannot even handle his own finances and had to file for bankruptcy multiple times. Perhaps, he can file for bankruptcy protection on behalf of the US since he is very knowledgeable in that area.

What a joke America has become.

Posted by pzoff | Report as abusive

He also built himself back up each time he declared bankruptcy and that could be a useful experience for the U.S. at a time when we are also so close to insolvency. And, I think he is right about taxing China. They have no intentions of actually participating in a market that benefits anyone but themselves; the sad thing is, they have every right to do that. Everyone has to look out for their own interests first. But, that means we MUST START doing the same–and that begins with a HUGE tax on everything that comes from China. I’m not a big consumer and could care less about having four million pieces of trash around my house for my amusement–I’ve got better things to do than shop and maybe the higher prices will force the rest of the country to follow. Stop building China, people! Do you really need a new onion peeler????

Posted by Whodathunkit | Report as abusive

”It could be fun…”
I don’t know if I want a candidate running for presidency just for fun because he’s overachieved in everything else he’s done. This is not a deal he can just walk away and eat the cost if he fails.

It also seems to me that he’s the biggest hypocrite for saying these things. To have made as much money as he has, I don’t believe for a second that he’s never imported cheap stuff from China to keep the cost low. I don’t believe every single piece of furniture and equipment in his classy trump hotels and office space come from domestic labour. I also do not believe for a second that he does not contract out cheap labour to build his towers. He’s one of the greatest capitalists in the world, and he understands the importance of margin more than anyone. He’s in absolutely no position to criticize or enforce regulations on others after benefiting from exactly that.

Posted by sofia85 | Report as abusive

America is a joke? The rest of the world hanging on to our “behind the curve” economy is the true joke. Send us your children and we’ll teach them to fish instead of throwing fish at them, as we do you.

Posted by Kombinat | Report as abusive

Please let him run the US. By the time he gets elected, the Chinese will have switched into a domestic consumption based economy, and will have minimal reliance on imports to the US. The Chinese can than tax the US companies who are making a huge buck in China. Also, the Chinese will continue laughing while the Donald continues America’s run into the ground.

Come on Americans. Elect the Donald. He is the next Sarah Palin. I bet he can see China from the Trump Tower.

Posted by TheBornLoser | Report as abusive

[…] recent China bashing comments garnered him such support that he now is openly musing about a run at the White House: Billionaire developer Donald Trump might like to be president. And if he were, he’d bring a hard […]

Posted by Revenge of The Donald: Senile China Basher Trump Declares Interest in White House Bid | China Hearsay | Report as abusive

Donald most probably reckons that if George W can win two terms as a President, why ca’nt Donald? He should not challenge CHINA though, the Banker, for without money Donald would be no body and others no body like larry King would not invite him on the cable net work.
Keep it up Donald, you are not worst than the CNBC comedians!

Rex Minor

Posted by pakistan | Report as abusive