Comments on: A Senate Christmas tale Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: TyC Wed, 22 Dec 2010 16:18:36 +0000 You can say what you want…and you can spin it, as usual, to your point of view…after all, you are paid for your diatribes…

As you know, this is the worst slaughter for the democrats since the 1930’s. No matter who you spin it, the American people do not want government to intrude in their lives…and they spoke loud and clear…

You have been wrong for over two years. You were so smug and confident for so long. I told you what the American people would do and they did it. They totally rejected this congress and this president. If the American people wanted this progressive agenda, they would have kept this bunch in power…they didn’t…

You are wrong..about everything you have written. I was right and I am right.

So long chump.

By: GetpIaning Mon, 20 Dec 2010 18:22:05 +0000 Your zombie talking points don’t change the facts. It was conservative Democrats who were thrown out of office, not progressives. Congress’ approval rating has everything to do with unprecedented obstructionism by the minority party, not unpopular policies.
It is Republicans who change the rules to get what they want, not Democrats. If they were as ruthless as the GOP, they would have launched the “nuclear option” on Republican obstructionism long ago. They may not have the best political strategists that money can buy, but at least they play by the rules.

By: TyC Sat, 18 Dec 2010 15:12:40 +0000 You put such a negative spin on everything. You are very eloquent…and paid for your diatribes.

If the American people bought on to your spin, then the American people would not have thrown the progressive democrats out of office. It was a slaughter for people with your point of view. All your spin the last two years proved one thing. You do not represent the views of the American people.

The agenda of this president (about a 42 percent approval rating…a month after the election…) and this congress (about an 18 percent approval rating…this congress has the worst approval rating ever…) has put the debt at dangerous levels and that is what concerns the American people. If you don’t have the money, you don’t buy it.

Funny though, the democrats could change the rules to put the health care debacle of a simple majority vote….they can do the same with everything else. But won’t.

Also, if the democrats who still control congress in a big way could pass it if they wanted to. But they fall back on blaming those republicans who still don’t control the agenda.

Nice try. You are paid political hack.

By: GetpIaning Fri, 17 Dec 2010 20:15:16 +0000 Senate Republicans are grasping at every possible reason to “run out the clock” on any national priority. Their shameless obstruction took more victims last week when they used another filibuster to block the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010. This legislation provides health care to 9/11 first responders and emergency workers who are suffering illnesses from working at Ground Zero.

Not one Republican senator had the guts to come to the floor and explain why the desperately needed, fully paid-for compensation didn’t deserve to pass. When Fox News asked Sen. John Thune for an explanation, Thune said the tax cuts are a bigger priority because “there is a deadline.” When first responders came to the Senate to advocate for the bill yesterday, Sen. Susan Collins actually called the Capitol police to keep them out.

So “thank God DeMint wants to run out the clock.” When the clock runs out for those pesky heroes who refuse to “die quickly,” the money can be saved for the tax cuts.

The Republican party represents 2% of the American population. That’s a fact that American voters chose to ignore when they voted the same clowns who rubberstamped Bush’s agenda back into office. They will only have themselves to blame when the utter stupidity of what they did on Nov. 2 hits home.

By: TyC Fri, 17 Dec 2010 02:17:46 +0000 Thank God DeMint wants to run out the clock.

The bunch in power trying to ram things through are the ones who were thrown out of office.

The American people want nothing to do with the lame duck congress…

By: Robert76 Thu, 16 Dec 2010 00:11:06 +0000 zotdoc; I believe we must have all missed that “fillibuster proof Senate for 2 years” that you speak of.

They had the 60 votes for a very short time, during which the other party (the Party of NO) did every thing they could to stop anything from happening. I am sorry to admit that I once was a Repulican, but they have been a disgrace going all the way back to Nixon. The Party of NO got their Big Tax Breaks for the Rich passed….Now perhaps they could at least cooperate for the good of the Country.

By: GetpIaning Thu, 16 Dec 2010 00:07:00 +0000 I caught Senator Jim DeMint on Fox News this afternoon, where he may have accidentally shed some light on his shameless obstructionism:

“What I’m trying to do is help run out the clock.”

Finally, we get the truth.

This has been the routine for the last two years — the Senate Majority have a list of things they want to accomplish. Senate Republicans oppose all those things, even the things they used to support. As a result, the Democrats keep trying to advance their priorities, while conservatives like DeMint make a mockery of the legislative process with childish obstructionism.

By his own admission, what DeMint is trying to do is “help run out the clock.” If Jon Kyl and others want to know why they, like most of their constituents, are having to work throughout December, they need look no further than the junior senator from South Carolina.

By: zotdoc Wed, 15 Dec 2010 19:49:54 +0000 Reid had a fillibuster proof senate to do whatever he wanted for two years. Too late to blame anyone else. Pass a continuing resolution to fund the government till february and go the heck on home. We’ve had enough of huge bills being passed without taking the time to read them! Merry Christmas, shut up and go!