CIA on WikiLeaks — WTF

December 22, 2010

The CIA gets the prize for the most entertaining acronym in Washington, a city that cannot speak without using at least one in every sentence.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has formed the WikiLeaks Task Force which is being referred to in-house as WTF.

(If you don’t get it, ask a teenager). SECURITY BUSH

TWP (The Washington Post) said the irreverence might be understandable since the agency was fairly unscathed by the WikiLeaks document extravaganza.

UPDATE: A USO (unidentified U.S. official) tells us: “Some might say the acronym is regrettable.  Perhaps we should consider that the CIA has a sense of humor after all.”

The revelation of WTF sent us ISO (in search of) other Beltway initials that might top it in amusement value — NFY (none found yet — OK we made that one up).

But it brought back some oldies, like the super secret spy agency NSA (National Security Agency),  informally known in some circles as No Such Agency.

And the classic SNAFU, coined by the military during World War II but also widely associated with the Vietnam War, stands for Situation Normal: All F—ed Up.

The lame duck session of Congress has been acting on all kinds of acronyms lately —  DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), CR (Continuing Resolution) and SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) bill.

And it’s almost time for HH (Happy Holidays) — :)

Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (CIA logo at Central Intelligence Agency headquarters lobby)

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