Obama up, Palin down in 2012 poll

December 28, 2010

President Barack Obama’s reelection prospects seem to be rosier, while former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s chances of being the Republican nominee were souring for 2012, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll. But it’s early yet.

USA-ELECTION/Obama is expected to run again in 2012, and CNN said the poll suggests that his tax-cut deal with Republicans, pushed through at year-end, did not hurt him with Democrats.

Among Democrats, 78 percent said Obama should be renominated as the party’s presidential candidate, while 19 percent said they wanted a different candidate. Those readings were the highest and lowest respectively since March 2010, when the poll first asked the question.

Palin has hinted that she might run for president, but the poll found 49 percent of Republicans would support that move, down 18 points since December 2008, right after she and John McCain lost to Obama and Joe Biden. 

Palin lagged behind other Republicans who may seek the 2012 nomination — Mike Huckabee (67 percent), Mitt Romney (59 percent) and Newt Gingrich (54 percent).

But it’s still a long way from next winter’s trudge through nominating primaries, caucuses and debates that Republicans will stage to ferret out who they think would best challenge Obama. The winner might not even be any of the names being polled in these early stages.

Photo credit: Reuters/Luke MacGregor (Democratic Party campaign button attached to cardboard cut-out of Palin after announcement that Obama won election, Nov. 4, 2008)


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How about if the Republicans run Patreaus with Perot as VP. Mr. Outside and Mr. inside. Just please no hockey mom. Palin was fine after looking at Channey for so long or with the prospect of looking at Hilary. But after the only metal McCain showed us was why he carried the anchor we figured nobody could outspend the GWB presidency so why not elect a guy who the Demacrats cleverly usered thu the ranks with little or no critical stance baggage.

Posted by ROWnine | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is not qualified to be anywhere near the oval office. So she’s read a few newspapers and read a few books in the last year, she is still a ditz. It speaks volumes about McCain’s judgement and thinking that she was on the ticket in the first place. The larger question is why Americas fascination with her? Then again this the society that fawns over athletes who dunk basketballs, can’t get enough of Paris Hilton, and continues to fuel the Mexican drug trade with our insaitable appetite for their poison. A society in decline if there ever was one.

Posted by e8msgt | Report as abusive

Well, if Palin gets the nod as the GOP presidential candidate then I would suggest that the Mayan prophesy of the end of the world in 2012 is accurate.

The first think Palin would do would be to nuke Iran and North Korea.

The last thing Palin would do would be to go home.

Posted by wyldbill | Report as abusive

Perhaps Sarah’s election would prevent an apocalypse? What we have now + Soros , in my humble opinion, seems to be bringing it closer.

Posted by Donnalashelle | Report as abusive

The question here is why does John Mccain hate America?
Otherwise he would have never even considered Sarah Palin.
He has no respectr for the office if he was seriously thinking of allowing her to be his VP.

Posted by jk718gp | Report as abusive

Agree with Donnlashelle. If Sarah Palin wins, it’s doomsday for the world. Think Bush was bad? Sarah will be far far worse. She’ll nuke Korea. Since she’s too stupid to tell north from south, so she’ll probably nuke both. Then she’ll nuke Iran. Giddy after her 2 lopsided “victories” against lesser states…she will try to take on bigger foes. She will try to nuke Russia or China. Unfortunately for her, these states also have nuclear ICBMs and will retaliate in kind. Next thing we know every nuclear power is launching missiles all over the world. 2012 becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Sarah will doom us all.

Posted by assunta | Report as abusive