Oops! Justice Clarence Thomas forgot wife on financial forms

January 24, 2011

It has turned out that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has amended his annual financial disclosure forms dating back more than 20 years to add his wife’s employment.

USA/“It has come to my attention that information regarding my spouse’s employment required in Part III B of my financial disclosure report was inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions,” he wrote in a letter to a committee handling financial disclosure reports.

During the 20-year period, his wife, Virginia Thomas, held a number of jobs, working for the U.S. Labor Department, then-U.S. House Republican Leader Dick Armey, The Heritage Foundation conservative think tank, and Hillsdale College.

Thomas amended his annual financial forms the same day that the group Common Cause issued a news release saying he had failed to disclose his wife’s income.

“Common Cause is concerned about omissions in Justice Thomas’s annual financial disclosures,” the group’s president, Bob Edgar, said in a statement.

The group cited records filed with the Internal Revenue Service that Virginia Thomas had been paid $686,589 by The Heritage Foundation for her work from 2003 to 2007.

Last year, Thomas announced she was resigning as head of Liberty Central, a non-profit conservative advocacy group that she founded in 2009, but said she would remain a consultant to the group.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Thomas Sept. 29, 2009)


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A US Supreme Court Justice who claims a misunderstanding of the filing instructions. Common Reuters you have to include the Part III B question. This has got to top the whole pube joke thing.

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Yeah, “Oops.” Tea Partiers, Republicans, and protectors of public morality are right about corruption in government. The only problem is they are looking in the wrong place. Their real target is closer to home when when they find Republicans openly flaunting the law and thumbing their noses at regulations.

Not only do we have Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices using their offices to promote ideological political agendas, but also hiding their politically-funded income from public view.

Antonia Scalia is the latest to cross the line with an announcement that he plans to address the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives. This isn’t Scalia’s first breech of court practices. Scalia also spoke at a Koch Industries retreat, sponsored by two billionaire brothers who support extreme right-wing positions that promote libertarianism, pollution, deregulation of all markets, abolition of income taxes, as well as sponsoring attacks on climate change theory. The Koch brothers are well-known financiers of right-wing groups such as the Tea Party and benefactors of the recent Supreme Court decision, FEC vs Citizens United.

Thomas’s breaches of judicial ethical practices are worse. Thomas’s wife received almost $700,000 from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank that attacks welfare, taxes, government regulations, civil rights, social security, unions, and government assistance.

Additionally, Ms. Thomas founded Liberty Central, a radical Tea Party group dedicated to ousting Obama and defeating health care reform, and received $550,000 from the group. She refuses to disclose who provided the funds, raising the question that the money could be used to influence Thomas’s decisions in Court cases.

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