Trump accepts high marks for CPAC

February 11, 2011

USA-POLITICS/Donald Trump went to CPAC this week and aced his performance as a prospective White House Wannabe. Any doubts? Just ask him.

“I tell the truth. I tell it like it is, and people understand what I’m saying, and the place did go crazy,” The Donald tells MSNBC’s Morning Joe today.  “That’s what I said in the speech. And that’s why I got 10 standing ovations.”

Remarks like that, taken out of context, might sound like the words of a talking ego.

But the billionaire New York real estate developer’s speech did get high marks from Politico. An A-minus, in fact,  which put him right up there with Newt Gingrich and out in front of former Senator Rick Santorum (C-plus) and House Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann (B).

Bully for him, especially when you consider the seemingly tenuous circumstances that brought him to Washington.

“I was sitting in my office building buildings and doing things,” he says.  “I got a call from CPAC: Would I come and speak? And I just happened to be in the right mood. I got on my plane, I went down to Washington.”

In the right mood … just happened to be.

Trump’s political rhetoric about America’s place in the world has a Rodney Dangerfield we-don’t-get-no-respect flavor that he believes resonates with the CPAC crowd and other U.S. audiences.

“I like the Chinese and I like the Mexicans. India is doing phenomenally well. They all tell me that they cannot believe what they’re able to get away with. And to be very honest with you, I don’t blame them at all. If I were them, I would try and do the same thing with the United States. We’re not a respected country any longer. They don’t respect our leadership,” he says.

So is he aiming to go to the White House and do what needs to be done?

Sounds like the answer to that question is held captive by a business contract with the producers of his popular NBC OBAMA/program, “The Apprentice”.

“We’re now doing the 11th season. I’m not allowed to announce anything during the course of the show and I won’t be doing that,” Trump says.

But an answer will emerge “sometime prior to June,” Trump says.

Could be interesting if he does. One thing for sure is that his soaring rhetoric will get a lot more scrutiny, with many more questions than there are real estate developments in Manhattan.

Reuters Photo Credits: Joshua Roberts (Donald Trump); Jason Reed (White House)

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Donald Trump is exactly the kind of Man we need to run for President..I believe with everything in me that He is a good American that wants only the very best for our Country .
I Pray that God will guide Him to Victory and than help Him clean up the mess that the Obama administration has created in our Great Country/World.
Best of Luck Donald and God Bless…

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LOL–Well, he certainly knows a thing or two about bankruptcy…

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