Reuters/Ipsos poll: Obama seen as cautious commander-in-chief

March 24, 2011

The military operation on Libya has once again put President Barack Obama’s commander-in-chief credentials to the test, and nearly half of Americans — 48 percent — describe his style as “cautious and consultative,” according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Obama was seen by 36 percent as “indecisive and dithering”, and the fewest, 17 percent, viewed Obama as a “strong and decisive” commander of the armed forces. USA/

The Reuters/Ipsos poll interviewed 975 adults online and was conducted on March 22, three days after the bombing campaign was launched against Libya to impose a no-fly zone.

When it comes to spending for military operations on Libya, Americans say the financial cost is justified 51-49 percent. But when they are told the price tag is $100 million a day, the number who say it is justified falls to 43 percent with 57 percent disagreeing.

A majority, 60 percent, support U.S. and allied military action in Libya and there is little difference between Democrats, 65 percent, and Republicans, 63 percent. An even greater number, 79 percent, say U.S. and Western allies should seek to remove Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

As for solutions if the air strikes fail to restrain Gaddafi, Americans were divided about what should be done next — 25 percent said the U.N. should send peacekeeping troops, 23 percent said increase air strikes and 20 percent said send in special forces. There was very little support, 7 percent, for sending in ground troops, which Obama has said he will not do.

Fifteen percent said none of those actions should be taken, and 29 percent said they don’t know.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama walks to Oval Office)


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He has never run a corporation; small business, has never served in the military, has never attended an ROTC class yet we are to praise his for his lack of experience, as a well respected Commander-in-Chief. What a joke. Obama has a yellow streak as wide as a yellow line on a highway. He has placed at the center of his bolshevik circle inexperienced people. He does not have the loyalty of the Armed Forces of the United States and if he exceeds his ambitions of becoming Czar of the Socialist States of America, he will have a military in rebellion.
He takes the US into a war, we cannot afford, without consent of the Congress, violating the Constitution. He has placed the United Nations Charter above that of our own Constitution. He is neither believable nor is he trustworthy.
He should be impeached for the high crime he has committed with his actions.

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The Obama Derangement Syndrome gripping the right has reached truly comical proportions. Next, they will be saying he’s not even an American citizen.

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