Poll: Apportioning blame for the budget deadlock

April 8, 2011

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Republicans far more often base their actions on ideology rather than facts. Democrats make a lot of mistakes, but they are far more rational most of the time. Unfortunately rationality is not recognized as having much value by many republicans. (this coming from a impartial non-American)

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Not looking good for the Republicans from this poll. Wonder if the % of right vs left leaning viewers of this website is about even?

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Reuters, why do you have to perpetuate the left-vs-right, Red-vs-Blue blame game? How does this help inform the public or improve discourse?

And why must a whole political party and ideal be clumped together instead of focusing on the actual individuals involved in this process?

I am disappoint.

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I’m tired of the whole bunch. Bailouts for companies when people are losing their homes because of the crooks being bailed out. Corporations not paying taxes and people say, “ooohhhh we can’t tax them, they create jobs”, bullpucky. They are STILL a part of our society and as such should be responsible just like every one else.

Get ’em all outta here.

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Maybe this will put an end to the Tea Party

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I would remind everyone that the Democrats should have passed a budget last year (when they still controlled the House and held a much larger majority in the Senate) but they opted to kick the can down the road. Why did they kick the can down the road? Because they didn’t want to have to answer some rather sticky budgetary questions during a mid-term election. Now all they can do is demagogue.

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Reporting has consistently forgotten to remind readers that this budget should have been passed last year when the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate! Their failure to do so was positively incomprehensible. It now appears that the Democrats will attempt to make all the political “Hay” possible based upon their memory of their success in the Clinton Presidency and now, all intransigence is based upon the fact that the President is tanking because of his signal reversals (war, Gitmo, you name it) amid an long ailing economy he does not understand.

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There are a number of nations (Libya, Egypt, Tunisa etc) that are giving their lives to have democracy in their countries. What kind of example is this to give them?!?!?

Our Congress needs to WORK TOGETHER and not stand on each of their idiological left and right issues. These people were elected to represent the NATION!!! At this point they are just being self centered and destructive. Get this country moving and WORK TOGETHER!!! PLEASE!!!!!

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Government is not taxing “Big Business” to the degree it can, putting the burden on the average american. I made 25,000 last year (because I had Breast Cancer and now I can’t find a job because I am 54). I paid taxes.

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I am ashamed I was ever a republican. The party of lower taxes and less government has now morphed into caring more about abortions and planned parenthood. Scre* that.

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While I agree the Dems should have passed something last year, the Republicans have now made it all about ending women’s access to medical care and blocking the enforcement of EPA regs. Were it not for those riders, an agreement would have been reached by now.

Dems have compromised too much. I’d rather see a shutdown than the easing of EPA regs or denying women affordable health services at Planned Parenthood.

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Planned Parenthood provides necessary & important basic healthcare to needy women-PAP smears and other necessary care. The plan to defund Planned Parenthood over their provision of abortions is disingenuous as abortions are only a portion of their services. This is an attempt to deny healthcare services to needy women. IF you think abortion, which is legal in this country, should not be then have your Congressional Delegation go about it with legislation that is deemed Constitutional. If abortion is against your religious views, fine-don’t have one BUT you have NO RIGHT to demand that everybody abide by YOUR religious views nor does the Republican Party.

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Umm…actually the Democrats tried but the wonderful republicans created a fillibuster making it unable to go through in time.
I am not defending the Demos either, they have their share of blame, however right now, its the republicans causing the issue. This is about making a balanced budget, not about ideals. Planned parenthood was investigated and it was reported tha tthe funds used for abortions WAS NOT linked to government money, however the republicans felt that because money went to pay for the electricity for the lighting of the room the abortion took place, then they can’t get federal money. if that is the case, then Crude oil was used to fuel the car that drove those women to the clinic to have the abortion, so Big oil should also not get government money. you think that would fly with the Repubs? Nope.

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According to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, all of us women now have access excellent health care under the health care legislation they passed last year. So technically funding Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings is redundant and should be cut, no? Makes sense to me.

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Planned Parenthood don’t offer anything to women.
Give the money to hospitals and clinics that actually are interested in caring for women.

If you are a man, and haven’t been a planned parenthood customer, then you really don’t know what goes on there and you really shouldn’t be talking about it.

I have about as much experience talking about jock straps and male locker rooms as you do about womens healthcare at planned parenthood….i.e. ZERO

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Doubtful USAPragmatist…

Posted by SuzyQPA2010 | Report as abusive

lets have a shutdown… hopefully it will put the tea party in its place..

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“Not looking good for the Republicans from this poll. Wonder if the % of right vs left leaning viewers of this website is about even? Posted by USAPragmatist”

What, are you kidding? Thomson Reuters is unabashedly left leaning from top to bottom, especially the moderators here. So guess which side of the political spectrum is most attracted to this website.

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Plain and simple, the Democrats avoided such a budget deadlock while President Bush was the leader for 8 years.

Now, to prove their ideological points with Tea Partiers, and try to make President Obama look bad, the Republicans are trying to throw a wrench in the budget.

And, Tea Partiers are clapping for and clamoring for a shutdown, as they proved at their special Washington, DC rally this week.

Posted by mykolas1958 | Report as abusive

Why isn’t the media giving us more information about the sticking points in the legislation? Do the Republicans want to totally defund Planned Parenthood and EPA? What do the Democrats want? Come on, media, do your job..

Posted by lezah2 | Report as abusive

What, are you kidding? Thomson Reuters is unabashedly left leaning from top to bottom, especially the moderators here. So guess which side of the political spectrum is most attracted to this website. — Posted by jca

Nope, why I asked question. I personally thought that Reuters was pretty moderate, it seems to me that most of the stories that are not Analysis: or Opinion: seem to journalistic not partisan. Also by the # of right leaning Vs left leaning comments, I was actually thinking that their where MORE right leaners. But I guess it is reflective of the current state in America, a small but vocal minority making a bunch of noise.

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Pretty convenient to blame the Republicans when the Democrats could have passed a budget before the Republicans took over the Congress and instead chose to kick the problem down the line. Bush signed the Democrats budgets in 2006-2008. He crossed the aisle many, many times at the chagrin of conservatives. And as a result we spent too much money while he was in office as well.

Honestly the people spoke in 2010 and changed the congress in order to stop the run away spending. The Republicans have to do this, or else they lose in 2012. The Democrats should be caving, now the Republicans have more ammunition to say they need more representatives in the congress and senate, and to take the presidency in order to rescue us from financial ruin.

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US companies set up psuedo headquarters in countries with low corporate tax. executives and investors live in USA with low personal income tax. After retirement, the wealthy live in Europe with taxpayer paid benefits. Who are the tea party people defending?

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It is an absolute debacle to see supposed “leaders” behave in such childish fashion. And the saddest comment I make is the majority of those now “righteous” republicans have been in Congress thru the years leading to the mess. BUT, we blame the current administration. OUCH!

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Democrats didnt even propose or submit a budget for FY 2011

House GOP has passed a one week CR, that funds the military through Sept 30, but Dems and Obama would rather veto it saying it is “a distraction” Military pay is a distraction for Obama and the left.

To the leftist idiot above who said the Dems tried to pass a budget in 2010, but couldnt because of a filibuster, the budget cannot be filibustered per Senate Rules.

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The Republicans are going to rue the day they made their alliances with these tea party people. But after all, they had to go nuclear to try to take down this President. I sincerely hope that we the American people stop these people, because they are dangerous. They have no idea what governance is. They have no idea what a democracy is. Its their way or the highway. This is not how it works. Furthermore, their tactics of lying threats and deception smack of fascism to me.

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And more misleading and inaccurate right-wing drivel with the comment of “I would remind everyone that the Democrats should have passed a budget last year (when they still controlled the House and held a much larger majority in the Senate”

Uh huh….and never enough of a majority to be able to over-ride the nasty whiney hate-filled Republicans who jumped up and down in the Senate and screamed “our way or no way and we threaten to filibuster”. And the Republican have threatedn to filibsuter more in the past two years than it has ever been threatened or used before. Can’t pass squat in the Senate with the childish Republicans screaming “my way my way or we will stop everything and we won’t agree to anything except exactly what we want>’

Do the right wingos really think that we are all so stupid we didn’t notice how uniformly obstructionsist they have been with the endless shrieking of ‘give ue what we want or we filibuster’ – something they have been to chicken to actually do and only threaten?

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Democrats are idiots and Republicans are evil. It’s really that simple. The Dems have done nothing but cave and appease for 30 years, and the Republicans have marched steadily so far to the right that there’s no further right to go without simply creating a fascist dictatorship.

I suspect if they did so, there would be a whole bunch of Democratic Party hacks flocking around to hand over a few more concessions just on the hope that the Republicans might start to play a little nicer in the sandbox.

The whole lot of ’em – Democrats and Republicans alike – are nothing more than a disgusting pack of thieving traitors. I can’t think of a single one who is worth the price of the rope that ought to be used to flog them.

Posted by JackMack | Report as abusive

Jack Mack, You said it! I resigned from the Dem party after 40 years or watching the spine leak from the donkey’s …. Whatever happened to standards, to a middle class, to a manufacturing and a livable wage for a day’s work? In 1977 I made $25K at the age of 19…it was more than my Dad made after 40 years of work. He had 5 kids, my Mom never worked, we had a 2-story 4/3, 3 cars and took vacations every year. Now look at what it takes to just have a part of that. If you are not a corporate VP with a fiefdom to wall in and fire you way to retirement, then you are just “one of the rest of us”. And what have the Dems (besides Clinton) done to stop the ReoCons from escalating this 3-World decline? I agree, rope is too good for all of ’em. Let’s use their skin!

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I think one of the problems is that there are too few factions representing too many people. In other democracies there are many legitimate parties with different ideologies and goals , and there are many parties represented within the government.

What we have now are two parties who both pretty much bow to the rich (both within the country and not) , and they divide the electorate with wedge issues. With multiple parties we would have tiebreakers, and more choices. We call this a democracy — yeah right

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I’m tired of the lack of support and leadership from the President of American. The Weakest link is Obumer.

Posted by Pyroexe05 | Report as abusive

Not a good result for Republicans

If this is a meaningful sample and represents the general veiws in America, the Republicans should feel the nation is not on their side.

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People do no seem to understand that the US is broke. Most of the defenders of Planned Parenthood and NPR will immediately abandon them when they realize what will be cut from their own government benefits. They are a very tiny taste of what is to come.

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P.S. Planned Parenthood performed an abortion every 95 second during 2010.

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If we have a government shutdown all of congress, senate & President’s pay & benefits should be frozen. This includes their staff’s. Only essential services should be paid. And, it is crystal clear that none of these people fit into the category of essentiual services.

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Feels like a prequel of the next presidential election season. The GOP is making a huge chunk of the middle class, whom might not usually care about politics, angry. I’m not saying that the next congress will be any better, but the party of no is shooting itself in the foot today.

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Are our elected public officials so short-sighted that they think the American people have not been watching their televisions or reading their computer screens over the last few months?

Does any of this ring a bell? EGYPT, TUNISIA, BAHRAIN, JORDAN, SYRIA, LIBYA?

Why did the PEOPLE in those countries take to the streets?

Essentially, they were “mad as hell” and “not going to take it anymore.” Their governments, whatever form, were not listening to the needs and the wants of the PEOPLE!! Their governments were INEFFECTIVE.

What may Congress and the President expect if they SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT?

Is it possible that the people of the United States, having the recent images of Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria and Libya fresh in their minds, will take to the streets in protest, revolt?

Wake up GOVERNMENT, and smell the coffee!! Every action or inaction has far-reaching and long term potential consequences. Do the jobs you were elected to do: GOVERN, LEAD this country.

If the government is shut down, even for a day, we may expect protests and rallies in not only the nation’s capital, but every congressional district in this country whose representative votes FOR, or stands by and ALLOWS, a GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN to occur.

The notion that your jobs are secure or guaranteed, even for a limited term, is an illusion. Despite the power and authority vested in you, BY THE PEOPLE, none of you is sacrosacnt, above reproach, or immune from the political process guaranteed by the Constitution, including impeachment or recall.


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As long as I see my President cozy up with the likes Jeffrey Immelt whose General Electric pays $0.00 in taxes, I’ll maintain than our government is lying to us and that the dems gives humongous tax breaks to big business (GE & GM come to mind) Unions and special interest groups while pointing the finger at the Republicans. If the government shuts down, no Congressman, Senator of President should get paid, even retroactively until they fix the problem they have created. Our troops and our seniors, however, should never be denied.

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“Do you think the budget stalemate is driven more by fiscal policy concerns or ideology?”

Neither, imho. If it were fiscal policy, both parties would have reacted to fiscal mismanagement years ago. Where were the fiscal conservatives when GW was spending like a drunken sailor, a practice continued by the current administration under dire market and economic conditions.

Ideology? It is but an extension of the same thing. There is no ideology — all they want is either to remain or to gain in power. All else is smoke and mirrors.

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And the ‘big boss’ is the corporations.

Posted by w.burton | Report as abusive

I’m very disappointed that these guys can’t get their job done. I feel like the people are being punished for the legislators not being able to do their job. Why not hold their pay until an agreement is reached?

We’ve planned a family vacation, perhaps the last one before our kids leave home, and it includes going to National Parks next week. This has been planned for some time. While others say the shutdown won’t have much of an impact, it will to our family. I’m sure others have stories as well.

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This, once again is Pelosi’s fault. If she’d been any kind of speaker, she would have gotten a budget bill passed when she had the votes. This woman did not know how to be a speaker and get bills passed, even when she had the votes. It occurred during the Bush administration and now Obama has to deal with her ineffectiveness. To add insult to injury, she remains in a leadership role instead of stepping aside.

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[…] Source: http://blogs.reuters.com/frontrow/2011/0 4/08/poll-apportioning-blame-for-the-bud get-deadlock/ […]

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[…] Source: http://blogs.reuters.com/frontrow/2011/0 4/08/poll-apportioning-blame-for-the-bud get-deadlock/ […]

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I agree with Bugmenotreuters…

The Republican base (ie: christian fundamentalist conservatives, and uneducated/uninformed lower-class caucasians) seldom leave the “safety” of FauxNews’ spheres of influence.

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The democrats managed to skyrocket the debt from 840 billion in 2007 to over 4 trillion in just 4 short years. Then when the republicans put the brakes on their out of control spending the ignorant liberal sheep want to vote that it’s the republicans fault for the stalemate? Its comedy for sure, hard choices have to be made because of the democrats and their loyal sheep.

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