Reuters/Ipsos poll: Republicans trail Obama

May 11, 2011

President Barack Obama comes out ahead against the field of potential Republican hopefuls for the 2012 presidential election, with more than a 10-point lead over the closest of the pack — Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

When Obama was pitted against each possible Republican candidate, he scored more than 50 percent. His highest rating came against Donald Trump with 57 percent saying they would vote for Obama versus 30 percent for the New York real estate magnate.

All the Republicans were in the 30-percent range, led by former Arkansas governor Huckabee at 39 percent and former Massachusetts governor Romney at 38 percent, compared with 51 percent who said they would vote for Obama.

On the question of whether Obama would win reelection in 2012, the survey was split with 45 percent saying he would win and 42 percent saying he would not.

Obama got no lift on the economic front, with only 34 percent of respondents saying they approve of  his handling of the economy, a finding linked directly to a surge in gasoline prices.

The telephone poll of 1,029 adults was conducted May 5-9 and has a 3-point margin of error.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama in Austin, Texas)






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This is probably because of 2 things:

1 – Obama just released his birth certificate and claimed to have captured Bin Laden, getting popularity boosts from both. This poll, if it were honest, would have come before both, not after, in order to be accurate in its prediction. This 57% bounce has already dropped to 50% within a week, and the poll was taken at the exact time his popularity spiked, very dishonestly.

2 – As noted by FOX News, a majority of Republicans now support a 3rd party candidate. Therefore, this isn’t suggestive of support for Obama so much as lack of support for Republican candidates by their own base.

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Why didn’t they include Ron Paul in this poll?

He is the only republican candidate that is able to match Obama. In two previous polls from CNN and Rasmussen Reports he is the number one republican candidate when comparing to Obama.

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Why wasn’t Sarah Palin in the poll?

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There used to be an old crank that would pop up on every thread and parrot Republican talking points about Obama’s poll numbers, and frequently accuse other people of being paid to post on this forum.
But, interestingly, he quit posting here the day after the last election. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it…

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