Attorney General orders more episodes of the “The Wire”, or a movie

May 31, 2011

Sometimes government officials draw fire for potentially overstepping their authority — but Attorney General Eric Holder will probably get some praise for ordering the writers of the critically-acclaimed television series HBO “The Wire” to come up with more episodes or a movie.

The gritty fictional series, which ran five seasons on HBO, showed the raw side of Baltimore as it endured hundreds of murders annually and a rampant drug scene. The show focused on the cash-strapped city police trying to root out crime as well as the drug dealers fighting for turf, using children to run their corners and the related effects on the city.

On Tuesday three of the actors, Wendell Pierce (“Bunk”), Sonja Sohn (“Kima”) and Jim True-Frost (“Prez”), dropped by the Justice Department to join Holder in trying to draw attention to the issue of protecting children from drug abuse and exploitation.

But Holder could not resist a plea — well really an order — to the writers David Simon and Ed Burns for more.

“I want to speak directly to Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon: Do another season of ‘The Wire’,” Holder said, drawing laughter and applause from the audience. “That’s actually at a minimum. … If you don’t do a season, do a movie.  We’ve done HBO movies, this is a series that deserves a movie. I want another season or I want a movie. I have a lot of power Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon.”

Wendell “Bunk” Pierce, who is now on the latest HBO hit “Treme”, chimed in with a “hear hear.”


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Ha ha ha. Meanwhile Eric Holder is squandering scarce resources trying to reignite the federal war against medical marijuana despite the pledge by President Obama to respect individual state laws on the matter. Nothing like investing in job security for drug warriors.

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[...] directly to [Ed] Burns and [David] Simon: Do another season of ‘The Wire’,” Holder said, reports Reuters. The missive drew a hearty round of laughter and applause from the audience. “That’s actually [...]

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[...] –Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking at a Justice Department anti-child-abuse forum attended by Wire actors Wendell “Bunk” Pierce, Sonja “Kima” Sohn, and Jim “Prez” True-Frost . [...]

I don’t find this at all funny. Does he need something to watch while he wastes the governments resources arresting medical marijuana patients?
Or, AG Holder could file the necessary paperwork to re-classify cannabis as a Schedule III drug (as recommended by the Government’s own scientists) so that more focus can be placed on drugs that are actually dangerous, the government can increase their tax revenue (by a crapload), more jobs can become available, and otherwise-law-abiding pot smokers can be safe from criminal prosecution. If that happened, I bet Holder could get hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to email Burns & Simon to request they make more seasons of “The Wire.” I mean, he “has a lot of power,” so he should put it to good use, right?

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[...] Wendell “Bunk” Pierce, who is now on the latest HBO hit “Treme”, chimed in with a “hear hear.” – reuters [...]

Wow it’s a good thing that all our schools are over funded, heath care is no longer an issue,everyone has a roof over their heads,and none of our states need help with natural disasters. cause I was really worried about what was missing on TV

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[...] General Eric Holder pleaded on Tuesday for the creators of the celebrated HBO series The Wire to make one more season, “at a [...]

[...] General Eric Holder pleaded on Tuesday for the creators of the celebrated HBO series The Wire to make one more season, “at a [...]

[...] General Eric Holder pleaded on Tuesday for the creators of the celebrated HBO series The Wire to make one more season, “at a [...]

I’m really glad the DOJ/AG/congress are focusing their time for things that are important:

- Keeping US poker enthusiasts from playing poker online in their own home for smaller stakes than they’d have to play at a casino – where they don’t have a problem with them playing

- Telling the NFL what to do

- Going after retiring/retired MLB players for past steroid use, instead of letting MLB handle it, then going after players for perjury on something they shouldn’t even have handled

- I have no complaint about this – I would like more of the wire

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Good lord, must you take everything so seriously you unbearable sad-cases?

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The wire is by far Great TV.There is much to learn by watching this show it covers a wide range of story lines and ideas like politics,good police work,gang related activity&children growing up in hard invirment;the way it all ties toughter is fenomonal artistic ideas with broad range of facts about true life.The cast is one of a kind well put together;im a big omar fan.Ive seen every eposode of every season five or six times.Sopranos&miami vice are a close second.Please bring this show back it never should have stopped at 5.Me and my friend thought of so many ideas after the last eposode we could have easly made 6,7&8 deffently.

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Hey, I was thinking we should all respond to what was clearly a joke as though it’s the most serious and important thing ever. Let’s make sure we don’t read this and chuckle, “hey, that was a good show” but instead let’s remember to mention how people die every second of every day and how this throw away comment must be an example of government hypocrisy at its worst.

I mean, I’d hate for anyone to read this in the lighthearted manner in which it was originally said.

Can we all agree to be total stick-in-the-mud dicks about this? Cool.

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People here need to lighten up. Or more importantly, read the whole article so you don’t miss the point.

“On Tuesday three of the actors…dropped by the Justice Department to join Holder in trying to draw attention to the issue of protecting children from drug abuse and exploitation”

@Noratorious The Attorney General can’t change the Controlled Substance Act. Only Congress can do that and the votes to do so don’t exist.

@Sanho The Obama administration has already begun making changes to national drug control policy as far as it can from within the executive branch. You don’t see medical marijuana clubs getting raided on a weekly basis like you did during the Bush administration do you? It takes time to change over forty years of drug policy but this administration is trying.

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Mr. Holder can’t you see that you’re not allowed to like or endorse great television shows. You have to understand that we’d rather think about how miserable we are and watch According to Jim. If you were to demand that show be brought back I’m sure these losers would be singing your praises!

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Does he completely miss the fact that if the Wire had a single point it was that the war on drugs is destroying the country?

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Sheesh. You people need to develop a sense of humor; nobody works all the time, or do you expect public officials to be non-human?

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Hasn’t he actually _seen_ The Wire?
It’s over. The story has finished. Anything else would be redundant. Watch it again is my advice.

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[...] General Eric Holder pleaded on Tuesday for the creators of the celebrated HBO series The Wire to make one more season, “at a [...]

Dear Eric Holder, go swive yourself. You love The Wire but you won’t get behind the Global Commission on Drug Policy’s recommendation that the United States drastically shift our approach on the completely failed, propaganda based and counterproductive War on Drugs that has cost American tax payers trillions of dollars. I guess if we stop this senseless hypocrisy of raiding law abiding citizen’s homes and crowding our prison’s with persons who choose to get a buzz smoking marijuana instead of drinking whiskey (34,000 people die from drunk driving every year in the U.S., btw) then you won’t get to see the drug dealing gang-bangers shooting each other up in the inner-city of Baltimore in your new season of The Wire, huh? Anyhow, like I said, you inconsistent sellout twit go swive yourself until you can’t feel anything up there where the sun don’t shine. And be sure to give Gil Kerlikowske something long and thick so he can do the same. No reason why you should be the only sell-out half-wit knuckledragging bobblehead to get the appropriate treatment for sticking good people in prison on behalf of prison corporations, alcohol producers and pharmaceutical companies.

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[...] I read an interesting article about the Attorney General ordering more episodes of The Wire.  Sometimes government [...]

[...] cf. earlier [...]

[...] Shot: I want to speak directly to [showrunners Ed] Burns and [David] Simon: Do another season of The Wire. [...]

[...] to speak directly to [Co-creator Ed] Burns and Mr. Simon: Do another season of The Wire,” Holder said at a recent drug policy event in the nation’s capital. “I want another season or I want [...]

[...] Holder held a press conference with three actors from TV series The Wire at the end of May (I read via Reuters). Wendell Pierce (Bunk), Sonja Sohn (Kima) and Jim True-Frost (Prez), joined Holder at the [...]