Palin says tour is “not about me”

June 2, 2011

Is Sarah Palin running for president or isn’t she?

If  the former Alaska governor and Republican superstar knows the answer  to that question, she’s not saying.

And her silence has  speculation running rampant  over the meaning of her  family’s East Cost  bus tour of historic sites.

Is it  a dry-run for the 2012 campaign or just a brilliant burnishing of the Sarah Palin brand?

“It’s not about me. It’s not a publicity-seeking tour. It’s about highlighting the great things about America,” Palin  said in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren  aboard the bus on Tuesday.

Wherever the tour lands,  Palin has been swamped by media even though her exact schedule has been something  of a mystery.

The press has been scrambling to keep up  since she kicked off  her tour  Sunday arriving at the Rolling Thunder  motorcycle rally in Washington on the back of a Harley.  And that’s by design, Palin told Fox.

“I don’t think I owe anything to the mainstream media,” she said. “I think it would be a mistake for me to become some kind of conventional politician and doing things the way it’s always been done with the media in terms of relationships with them, tell them to come along, and we’ll orchestrate this, we’ll script this and we’ll basically write the story for you about what we’re doing everyday.

“I want them to have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this and that would include not necessarily telling them beforehand what every stop’s going be,” she said. “The media can figure out where we’re going if they do their investigative work. ”

But there’s more to the mystery than just the matter of keeping journalists out of the loop.

“We know where we’re going,” Palin explained in the interview. “There’s a couple of different reasons why we’re not going to broadcast it to the whole world — one is security issues and another is if the price of gas spikes much higher we’re not going to be able to go too far.”

Photo Credits:  REUTERS/Molly Riley (Palin at Rolling Thunder) REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (Palin in New York)


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Sorry Sarah, your actions speak much louder than your words. Everything you do is about you, especially lining your pocket book.

Posted by seattlesh | Report as abusive

Half the things she says are double-speak mumbo jumbo I don’t understand. The other half are lies. Sounds like a the perfect Republican candidate.

Posted by gordo365 | Report as abusive


If it’s “not about me”, it’s about me. If it’s “not about the money”, it’s about the money.

Posted by AllForLight | Report as abusive

And if it’s not a presidential pre-bid tour, then why must we be subjected to the Palin family summer vacation?

Posted by AllForLight | Report as abusive

She makes me nuts.
SP is not the commoner she claims to be but a very wealthy woman with way too much time on her hands.
I guess we are all supposed to feel like she is one of us cause gas prices may make the trip shorter. Please spare me.
What does she have to pay for, she has free medical for being a part time governor, probably has a security detail paid by us common folk.

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive

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Posted by ThomasChi | Report as abusive

“….and another is if the price of gas spikes much higher we’re not going to be able to go too far.\'” Oh really Sarah, you are worried about the price of gas? Then you should have taken the family on vacation in a Prius and not a huge friggin tour bus!

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

White Trash – pure and simple!

Posted by MerrillGrinch | Report as abusive

This tour is about nothing but Sarah. She inflicted herself on Rolling Thunder uninvited and just happened to be in Romney’s home state the day he announced his candidacy, putting down his healthcare plan – not that I’m a fan of either – but WHAT a media whore.

Posted by ladygoodman | Report as abusive