Comments on: The wishful thinking behind a repatriation tax holiday Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: Goaglen Sun, 26 Jun 2011 18:52:39 +0000 Why not lower the corporate tax to 10% (back to the days of Taft)? Corporations would have little reason to hold assets offshore and foreign monies would seek investment in the US.
At times of war or stress, we taxed as high as 70-100%. Now, the impetus is lack of frugality and the belief that government will bring us out of a recession.
All conservatives and tea party proponents are saying is, “Stand back and let us show you how it’s done.”
From the start of the depression, recovery measured by the DOW took over thirty years. That was WITH government spending…. and one world war.

By: SmartGuy05 Wed, 22 Jun 2011 02:59:21 +0000 You didn’t touch the idea of tying these overseas profits to an infrastructure bank. I believe the Times mentioned it briefly, but here’s the skinny: force these corporations to stash their overseas earnings in an infrastructure bank for 5-10 years. After that period of time, they can get their money back tax-free, but we will have leveraged the money to spur badly-needed infrastructure projects. Jobs. No taxes. Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

Everybody wins?

By: zotdoc Tue, 21 Jun 2011 21:15:27 +0000 If I had a fortune safely esconced in some other country with a low tax rate I would leave it there, rather than have some politician redistribute, confiscate or attach long term obligations to the “holiday”.