Perry, Bachmann shine star power at Iowa dinner

August 15, 2011

Newly-minted Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry (and his black campaign bus)  rolled into Waterloo Sunday, where the Texas governor made a  campaign pitch to Iowa voters.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann showed up at the same event. They weren’t on stage together but Perry ending up sharing the spotlight.

Perry spoke first at the Black Hawk County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner and acknowledged another Republican presidential hopeful in the room, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum .

Fresh from her weekend victory in Iowa’s Republican straw poll in Ames,  Bachmann (blue bus with white lettering and red stars)  managed to fit the GOP fundraiser into her Sunday schedule but she  said it had nothing to do Perry appearance in her hometown.

Bachmann told Radio Iowa the dinner  was something she had always hoped to put on her schedule.

“I had a family reunion … north of Waterloo today,” she said.

He and Bachmann may be intra-party rivals, but  Perry kept his focus on their mutual opponent:  President Barack Obama, whose vulnerabilities include stubbornly high unemployment.

“If we don’t have a president of the United States that gets America working again, we are in trouble,” Perry said, invoking the slogan emblazoned on the side of his bus.

Obama heads to the Midwest Monday to kick-off a three-day three-state bus tour on which he will visit small communities to  “hear directly from Americans”  on the  economy and how to boost jobs and hiring, the White House says.

Day one of the Obama bus tour begins in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, and ends in Decorah, Iowa.

With polls showing widespread discontent with the president (and Congress) over economic issues, he could be in for a  bumpy ride.

Photo Credits: Reuters/Jim Young (Perry, Bachmann  speak at Waterloo dinner; Perry greets supporters )


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What is this, the fifth article about Bachman and Perry when you know full well that Ron Paul finished second in the Iowa poll?

Don’t buy everything you are told to report on by the other conglomerates. I think your objectivity makes you special Reuters. That is why I read you and no one else. However for you to parrot what MSM is saying about this Republican race only makes you complicit in the theory that you folks don’t care about the truth but instead prefer to project your ideals of who can win on people that for this election cycle at least, want nothing to do with mainstream politicians. Americans hate their politicians(85 percent think Congress is doing a lousy job) and Ron Paul is a refreshing breath of fresh air. What he proposes to do is what America needs
yet you and your hoards of commentators are SILENT. You don’t make kings because people don’t believe what most MSM write, the American people make kings. Never forget that. Your job is just to report the news, which as far as Ron Paul goes, you stay ignorant and silent about. If you are thinking that just because you write it people will believe it, you Reuters are sadly mistaken. Now let’s go and show some journalistic honesty for a change, write the TRUTH about the race and Ron Paul, and lets see what happens. You’re not afraid are you?

Posted by Independent007 | Report as abusive

I agree with the previous poster. I’m not a fan of the tea party, but if you want to report facts instead of spin, these faux tea partiers (Bachmann, Perry, et al) have usurped Ron Paul’s message, one that he has been making for years.
Where’s the reporting on Buddy Roemer, Gary Johnson, Jon Huntsman, or any of the other candidates? When Jon Huntsman gets mentioned, it’s always in conjunction with Mitt Romney. And don’t get me started on the Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann comparisons.
There really is a hunger out here for smart reporting. We can catch all the scoop on “Bachmann’s Birthday Blunder” on TMZ or other reality show programs/newscasts. I hold Reuters to a higher standard.

Posted by Kelsbells | Report as abusive