Haley not ready to pick 2012 Republican favorite

August 19, 2011

An endorsement from South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a favorite of the Tea Party movement, could give a boost to the  Republican presidential candidate of her choice.

But in an interview with CNN on Thursday she said it’s too soon to pick a favorite in the campaign for the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

“What I have told everybody is now is the time where we need to weigh in on asking them the hard questions,” she said. “This is the time we really need to be doing a lot of the listening to what their details are and what their specifics are and waiting to weigh in until we can really see what the full platform looks like.”

Asked whether she thinks Sarah Palin should run, Haley said she would welcome the former Alaska governor to the race, just as she has the other Republican contenders. Palin’s endorsement of Haley in South Carolina’s 2010 Republican primary helped raise the future governor’s profile.

Palin  is closing in on a self-imposed September  deadline for deciding whether to enter the presidential race — and still giving no hint about when she’ll announce her decision. “Still contemplating whether I should jump in there or not,” Palin said on Fox News Thursday night.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, confirmed that she will  speak at a Tea Party rally in Iowa on Sept. 3. Will she end the suspense or join the Republican field?

“This is a field of rock stars, hands down,” Haley said, of the field that includes Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas congressman Ron Paul.
“And what I love is that they all have policy they want to talk about and have a fight in them in a way they know America deserves better,” Haley said.

The South Carolina governor made clear that no matter who wins the nomination she will not accept any offer to be a vice presidential running mate.

Elected last fall, Haley said she loves her job, still has a lot she wants to get done as governor  and is not ready just yet for the higher office.

“I have been in the job eight months. If we are going to look at vice president, let’s look at somebody that can bring a lot of experience to the table. Let’s look on somebody that can do more,” she said. “I think we have a lot of great candidates for that.”

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mary Ann Chastain (Haley addresses RedState Gathering  in Charleston)


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This is the first time that I have heard this group of Republican candidates being referred to as rock stars. Could Governor Haley be referring to REO Speedwagon ?

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How does one pick a fringe star.

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