Tea party boosts Perry to top of GOP polls

August 29, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry has vaulted into the lead among Republicans vying for the nomination to oppose  President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election bid, according to several new  polls. And he may have the Tea Party to thank for it.

A CNN/ORC International poll released  Monday showed Perry strongly favored by Republicans and independent voters who lean Republican. Among the declared candidates, Perry has 32 percent support, followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at 18 percent, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at 12 percent, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 7 percent, Texas Congressman Ron Paul at 6 percent and the rest of the field in the low single digits.

This could reflect shifting allegiances among Tea Party supporters, according to Gallup, which released its own poll last week also showing that Perry had replaced Romney as the early front-runner.

Gallup said Perry leads by 21 percentage points over Romney and Bachmann, his closest contenders, although Perry and Romney are essentially tied among survey respondents who do not support the Tea Party.

“Perry has immediately become the preferred Republican nomination candidate of Tea Party movement supporters and, by extension, those who view government spending and power as the most important issue. He also demonstrates strong appeal to moral values voters, and is competitive with Romney among Republicans rating business and the economy as the most important issue,” Gallup said.

In July, 29 percent of Tea Partiers said Romney was their top choice, and 23 percent picked Bachmann.

Chris Cillizza, who writes The Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog,  said the Gallup data suggest that the Tea Party has considerable power within the Republican party.

“Perry has, at least for the moment, coalesced the various elements of tea party support behind his candidacy — providing himself with a support base that has propelled him to the top of the field,” Cillizza wrote, although he noted that Perry is also relatively strong among non-Tea Party supporters, which would be the key to his campaign.

Romney leads among non-Tea Party supporters, but by just 23 percent to 20 percent for Perry. Paul  is third, at 16 percent.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder (Perry campaigning in New Hampshire)


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There is something rotten in American politics when a demagogue, a charlatan, an archetype, a hypocrite can get political support.

“The sad facts behind Rick Perry’s Texas miracle”
1.Perry’s Texas tied with Mississippi in 2010 with the highest percentage of minimum wage workers in the country.
2. Perry’s Texas has twenty six percent of it’s residents with no health insurance-the worst of 50 states.
3. Perry’s Texas leads the nation with children without health insurance.
4. Perry’s Texas ranks first in adults with no high school diploma.
6. Perry’s Texas is #6 in teen age pregnancy.

‘Governor for sale”/Washington Post.
1. Nearly half of Perry’s political donors have received tax breaks, appointments, or large business contracts.
2. Perry and Jim Gramm tried to set up “Peasant’s” life insurance for retired teachers with UBS as beneficiary and fees payable to Texas govt.

“Texas tax system heavily burdens the poor residents.
1. The poorest 20% pay 12% of their income in taxes.
1. The top 1% pay 3% in taxes.

“Does Rick Perry have a porn problem?” by www.salon.com/war-room

When Perry was the Texas state agriculture commissioner he had investments in “Movie Gallery” that offered XXX porn with conventional Hollywood fare.

Perry present himself as a squeaky clean Christian, but is that true?

Posted by ghostcommander | Report as abusive

The snow-balling popularity swell is a predictable part of new visibility and endless recent media coverage. He’s a nice enough guy, honest, and effective, but I’m still supporting Romney as more effective and a much better candidate. When the novelty wears off, Romney will fare better as the candidates are compared side by side. It may even help him if it lowers expectations to be behind Perry for a while.

Posted by Coach-Iowa | Report as abusive

Desperate people make desperate choices.One would have to be pretty desperate to vote for any of these vapid candidates.

Posted by seattlesh | Report as abusive

This is Great!!! Rick Perry should definitely be the Republican candidate for President. No-one else comes close. Romney is a has-been, lost the last time why would we want him again? Bachmann is as flaky as Palin, and a loose canon to boot. Ron Paul is a regional myopic. And the rest are pretenders to the throne. Perry is the only possibility left.

Posted by nieldevi | Report as abusive

So people are being fooled again by another neocon warmonger republican (Rick Perry)? If the American People are dumb enough to vote governor pointy-boots into the White House then shouldn’t complain when their children get deployed to Iran in 2013.

Posted by 98VWTDI | Report as abusive

All these major media conglomerates now speaking for the Tea Party. Wow, that’s credible.

Posted by Jaayy | Report as abusive

This CNN/ORC poll has already been proven as bunk. No offense to the Perry supporters out there, the Gallup poll is legit and he’s definitely the polling leader, but the poll is still bunk. http://libertymaven.com/2011/08/30/cnn-a nd-opinion-research-center-the-numbers-d ont-add-up/11826/

Details at the link, but basically huge numbers of the people they polled aren’t being included in the poll. How else do you think Giuliani and Gingrich are doing so well? CNN needs to fire those ORC guys and hire Gallup or Rasmussen’s or something, but it has to be criminal to be releasing false figures like that.

Posted by James2039 | Report as abusive

The more people find out about this yahoo’s dumber version of ‘w’, the more he will drop in the polls. Romney appears to be the least scary of the bunch. What a group to choose from. It is hard to believe that this is all this country has to offer to lead us.

Posted by fromthecenter | Report as abusive

“The sad facts behind Rick Perry’s Texas miracle”

1.Perry’s Texas tied with Mississippi in 2010 with the highest percentage of minimum wage workers in the country.
Because… people in Texas are OK with minimum wage and understand that if more people worked at that level, we’d have more jobs in OUR country.

2. Perry’s Texas has twenty six percent of “it’s” residents with no health insurance-the worst of 50 states.
Because… The people of Texas are pretty hardcore and the ones who are happy they are on minimum wage don’t call in sick when they get the sniffles.

3. Perry’s Texas leads the nation with children without health insurance.
Because… the kids are hardcore, too!

4. Perry’s Texas ranks first in adults with no high school diploma.
Because… they don’t need a high school diploma to know that the number 5 comes after 4… not 6 like you seem to think.

5. (or 6 if your hand has an extra finger). Perry’s Texas is #6 in teen age pregnancy
Because… Texas has couples that have different anatomies so they can actually produce children. Sorry California and New York.

Posted by JoeDietz | Report as abusive

oldpatriot: “TEXAS tax system burdens poor”…..poorest 20% pay 12% income tax, top 1% pay only 3% tax “.
IF your talking about FEDERAL income tax, this % of poor, etc. LIVING in TX. is no reflection on PERRY.
IF your talking about STATE income taxes, your INFO>
needs more research & CORRECTED!

Posted by oldpatriot | Report as abusive

oldpatriot, learn to read and write. Ghostcommander stated that “the poor pay 12% of their income towards taxes, ie., sales taxes, vehicle stickers registration, etc… He did not “state income taxes”. Your glowing illiteracy is a prescient reminder of the state of education in your wonderful tax free Texas.

Posted by coyotle | Report as abusive

nieldevi (post above) obviously has no idea who Perry really is other than what FOX has told him. Perry is just another NEOCON/Globalist shill. Go Look at his real history.

The only candidate that tells the truth is Ron Paul – But the media wont tell you that.

Follow the Money – Who Owns and Controls the Media – Wake Up People.

Posted by mikrat | Report as abusive