Obama focus on policy, not polls – White House

September 7, 2011

The White House is downplaying several new polls showing President Obama’s job approval ratings plunging to new lows along with rising public concern over high unemployment and the sluggish economy.

“The president is focused on the measures he can take…  to address the urgent need to grow our economy and create jobs; to deal with the fact that economic growth is not fast enough and that job creation is not substantial enough,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said at Tuesday’s press briefing when asked how concerned Obama is about the poll numbers.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Obama’s overall job approval rating at a low of 44 percent, down 3 percentage points since July.  More than half of Americans  now disapprove of Obama’s job performance and one in three say they’re worse off financially since he’s been in the White House, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll. And a poll by Politico and George Washington University shows 72 percent of voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Asked what Obama would say to people who feel worse off now than before he took office, Carney said the president
would tell them: “He fully understands the anxiety that is out there among the American people about the economy, the frustration at the pace of growth, the frustration at the pace of job creation. And that’s why he feels it is so urgent to take action now and not to simply say, oh, well, we shouldn’t do anything and then let it all be decided next year after an election.

Obama will deliver proposals for putting people back to work in a speech to Congress Thursday night.

In advance of the speech, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell signaled Obama’s ideas could get a cool reception from congressional Republicans. McConnell said he expects Obama will offer “more of the same failed approach that’s only made things worse over the past few years.”

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney unveiled his economic plan on Tuesday. Click here to read about it .


Photo Credits: REUTERS/Jason Reed (woman at Labor day rally in Detroit, Obama  waves after Detroit speech)


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The ONLY thing Obama ever considers is his poll numbers. This White House has lied so often that everything they say is no longer taken seriously.

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We are painfully aware that the president doesn’t care what Citizens think, want, or need. He has two concerns: his next vacation and getting re-elected (which in a rational world would be impossible).

I’m still trying to figure how that $20 a week payroll tax reduction is going to rebuild the economy, even with those extended unemployment benefits that average 36% of a working wage AND the 70% increase in food stamp recipients!

Somehow using ‘urgent’ and the president’s concern don’t compute: not so urgent that it didn’t fall behind the $Trillion payback to his public sector union campaign supporters; a multi-Trillion bailout of foreign bankers; an asinine power play on healthcare; an illegal moratorium on drilling in the Gulf; thousands of job-destroying idiotic regulations circumventing the will of Congress; illegal arms sales to Mexican drug-runners; an illegal incursion into Libya; and $Millions in taxpayer subsidized extended-family vacations to Spain and South Africa; innumerable private White House concerts and parties; 75 rounds of golf and untold basketball games with his peeps.

Maybe ‘urgent’ has a new definition that we missed.

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keep goin OBAMA

Posted by INHOOPT | Report as abusive