Perry vs. rivals in Republican debate

September 8, 2011

There were eight candidates in the first big Republican debate of the 2012 campaign season.

Two of them dominated the stage from the start in a contest over who has created more jobs.

And the winner is…..  Mitt Romney, according to his campaign.

“Mitt Romney won tonight’s debate because he demonstrated that he is the only candidate in the race who can return the country to economic prosperity. Career politicians got us into the mess and it will take someone with experience in the real economy to get us out,” the campaign’s communication director Gail Gitcho said in a statement released after Wednesday’s debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley,  California.

While the  former Massachusetts governor’s campaign claimed victory,  Rick Perry was  the man in the spotlight.

All eyes were on the Texas governor as he made his debut on the national stage — and when it was over  Perry said in a post-debate statement he was pleased to have been able to introduce his “conservative philosophy and pro-jobs record to the American people.”

Perry’s campaign said it was a “strong performance.”  The new front-runner in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination,  Perry came out swinging, writes Reuters’ Steve Holland.

A confident Perry fended off Romney, the rival he bumped out of  the front-runner position when he entered the race a few weeks ago.  The governor  also fought off  friendly jabs from others on the stage, including fellow Texan Ron Paul.

“I kind of feel like the pinata here at the party,” Perry said at one point during the debate.

Darrell West,  director of Governance Studies at Brookings Institution says Perry’s performance  proved he has electoral legs.

“Ever since he entered the race last month, and jumped to a double-digit lead, the big question was how he would perform in a major television debate.  Would he demonstrate substantive knowledge and would he present himself in a way that would appeal to voters?. Perry demonstrated knowledge of leading issues, a sense of humor, and an ability to draw a contrast with opponents,” West said in commentary on the debate.

“Perry clearly understands how to resonate with conservative voters,” West added.  “What the debate didn’t answer was whether he can broaden that appeal to centrist and Independent voters in a general election.”

Photo Credits: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (Republican presidential candidates at debate in Simi Valley, Calif.)



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Rick Perry showed the confidence to lead the nation. He proved it by creating 37% of all new jobs in the USA in Texas during his watch as Governor.

He showed how he has the brains, expertise and sense of humor to move the country forward.

He has my vote to become the next President of the United States.

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Texas burns
For all to see
While Perry yearns
For the Presidency

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I watched the debate,(inbetween innings of the baseball game)I listened to each candidate very closely,and found that Perry tip-toed around every question with the standard tea-party rhetoric. Mitt had clear and concise answers,as did Huntsmann,but with the best credentials of all of them.I’m putting my money Romney or Huntsmann to be chosen.The rest just sounded angry. Paul is too old,and so is Newt. Besides, we would never, ever be able to say (President Newt) with a straight face.Bachmann?I dont think so. Cant even think of the last guys name so he’s not to relavent if he couldn’t make enough of an empression on me to aleast remember his name.

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What the article calls “over confidence” is in fact simple arrogance. Perry has proven time after time that he will not be deterred from pursuing his personal goals by the needs of Texas or Texans. He lies, he takes bribes, and he games the system. He repeatedly says one thing and does another.

A case in point is the tough new immigration bill he signed. It imposes sanctions against employers for hiring illegal aliens. Specifically exempted from that bill are, gardeners, grounds keepers, nannies, and domestic servants. As CNN notes:

It is a tough immigration bill with a soft side that protects those who hire unauthorized immigrants “for the purpose of obtaining labor or other work to be performed exclusively or primarily at a single-family residence.” ics/texas.immigration.bill_1_immigration -bill-unauthorized-immigrants-issue-of-i llegal-immigration?_s=PM:POLITICS

Another case in point, Rick and his buddy Phil Gramm tried to convince the Teacher Retirement System to allow UBS bank to buy “dead peasant” life insurance on retirees. The plan was for UBS to purchase the policies, then bundle them up into securities and sell them to investors (sound familiar?). The state was to receive a commission on the sales. Fortunately, TRS didn’t allow this to happen.  /rick-perry-texas-life-insurance-scheme _n_935666.html

Then there is the Gardasil debacle. After accepting a reported $6000.00 “campaign contribution” (aka bribe) from Merck, Perry issued an executive order that required every Texas girl entering the sixth grade to receive Gardasil as a condition of attending school. Fortunately, this outraged conservative Texans and the legislature met to undue the executive order. Perry claimed he did it because he “hates cancer”. Of course the “campaign contribution” had nothing to do with his decision. arroa-perese/our-new-tv-ad-against-gov_b _653306.html

However, there’s more to the story, 51.html

What I’ve given here is just the tip of the Perry corruption iceberg. Read up on the “Trans-Texas Corridor” and Perry’s raping of the public schools.

If after doing your due diligence as a citizen and voter you can still support Rick Perry for POTUS, then we are surely doomed.

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