Perry speaks about his faith and failings

September 15, 2011

The subject was faith not policy in Republican presidential frontrunner Rick Perry’s  speech at Liberty University.

In the 20-minute speech described as “perhaps his most reflective and personal,” the Texas governor made no mention of the biggest issue thus far in the 2012 presidential race – jobs –  or his views on President Barack Obama, The Washington Post reported.

“Instead, the evangelical Christian governor spoke the language of the movement with ease,” the newspaper said.

Perry talked about his life in deeply spiritual terms and cast his political aspirations as destiny, the Post reported.

“He who knows the number of drops in the ocean, he counts the sands in the desert, he knows you by name… He doesn’t require perfect people to execute his plan,” Perry said in the speech to an estimated 13,000 students and faculty at the Virginia university founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell.

The Texas governor also talked about his failings, saying he did not pursue his early dream job of becoming a veterinarian because he flunked organic chemistry. Click here to see Perry’s speech.

Perry, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party, has made his faith a large part of his public image.

A week before joining the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Perry prayed for America at a huge religious rally in Houston — where he also urged the crowd to pray for Obama and other U.S. leaders. The governor, who launched the prayer rally, brushed off criticism that he was mixing politics and religion.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Alex Gallardo (Perry at rally in Newport Beach, California)


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Another born-again ‘christian’ texas governor that talks and listens to god. Where have we heard this nonsense before? Enough already!

Posted by fromthecenter | Report as abusive

@fromthecenter: Agreed. The only difference between the right-wing christian evangelists and the right-wing muslims is that the muslims are willing to practice self-immolation. Otherwise they are the same. If we get one of these wack-a-doos in the White House, then all of the items in their long, long list of “Thou shalt nots” will be one step closer to becoming reality, to the detriment of all.

Posted by BoxCars | Report as abusive

Just what we need in the White House, a Christian terrorist.

Posted by seattlesh | Report as abusive

Just a minute here. He’s from Texas, he’s a republican and he is an unapologetic Christian. I don’t see any horns. I don’t see an agenda that locks up liberals. So from Canada here we wonder why America is so self engrossed these days. Unless you believe the conspiracy theories George W did not go looking for a war with extremist Islamic terrorists. They brought it to America. Bill Clinton knows this and should be speaking up.
Seriously America get a grip.

Posted by canad_ian | Report as abusive