Perry video brands Obama “President Zero”

September 22, 2011

“Rick Perry – Proven Leadership,” a new campaign video for the Texas governor and Republican frontrunner opens with the voice of President Barack Obama — and footage of dreary, gray scenes.

The focus is on gloomy economic news.

With unemployment over 9 percent and the economy near another recession, the state of the U.S. economy is expected to be crucial to Obama’s re-election prospects for 2012.

The video brands Obama “President Zero”…  and fades to black.

The next segment fades in with “In 2012″ over quick shots of the flag and the legs of a horse galloping across water.

Over uplifting soundtrack and inspirational scenes,  Perry makes his case for why he should be the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee.

“The United States of America really is the last great hope of mankind,” Perry says in the video. “It’s time to get America working again.”

As campaign spots go, it is well-produced.’s “The Slatest” blog  calls it  “a Hollywood-caliber” spot. “Rick Perry’s commercial is almost actually the single greatest cinematic achievement since, like, The Empire Strikes Back,”  blogger Greg Howard writes.  “The only thing missing is James Earl Jones.”

Click here to read The Slatest review.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Eric Thayer (Perry at news conference in New York)


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Republicans oppose Obama’s Affordable Health Care law. Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry started his campaign saying he’d make Washington the most unimportant thing in our lives. Then it came out that he’s the only governor in the country who mandated that his state could make the medical decision for minor girls to be vaccinated for HPV without their’s or their parent’s consent. He’s hardly in a position to criticize Romney for flip-flopping.

Posted by dmso | Report as abusive

The previous poster missed the point that it is the state’s responsibility to manage a states health care, education, welfare, and any other program other than those specifically enumerated in the constitution for the federal government. The responder is also wrong about the vaccine mandate. 19 other states have also passed laws requiring the vaccine as a health issue for school age children.

If a state can require a vaccination for measles, mumps, smallpox, etc. for school children, it can also do the same for any virus that becomes endemic as HPV has.

What Perry is saying is that the feds need to stop usurping the states’ responsibilities. By killing off bureaus and departments of federal government that are unnecessary, billions of dollars–possibly a trillion or so could be saved.

Posted by advaitin | Report as abusive

this race….competition would be extremely boring without Perry’s candidacy even though all participants have A FOLLOWING of supporters and PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS. His candidacy is what forces the others to UP THEIR GAME.

I LOVE THIS VIDEO because it shows how even when a candidate 1- gives all the right answers, 2- they are profoundly articulate, 3- they have THE POPULARITY VOTE that DOES NOT translate into REAL CHANGE…..if it did….President OBAMA would have an 80% approval rating right now!

Posted by annielain | Report as abusive

I am not a Perry supporter; however, in his defense, he did NOT mandate the HPV vaccination. In this context, mandate means mandatory, and parents had the right to opt-out for their daughters.

Posted by psydoc | Report as abusive

What the previous poster is missing, is that this moron has taken more fed money then most and now is saying that he wants to reduce the federal govt. He also forgot to mention the fact that he was well paid for making the decision on the vaccine. He is nothing more then a simple minded texas born again christian playing to a base that puts shooting coyotes and praising god over intelligence and foresight. We went down this road before and we have yet to recover.

Posted by fromthecenter | Report as abusive

It’s funny that the previous poster has to resort to name calling. Texas and God both need to be spelled with capital letters. Don’t mess with Texas.

Posted by chadrock85 | Report as abusive

What the previous poster fails to realize is that the time for blaming GWB is over, we are dipping into a second recession, heading for depression and this one squarely sits on his anointed ones shoulders.

I am a Texan, Perry has done some dumb things in his tenure, but he has backed off of them when he realized the people did not want it. Obama has never backed off of anything he desired even when poll numbers showed an overwhelming majority did not want his poorly thought out legislative solutions IE: “The Affordable Healthcare Act (FOR SOME) Americans. No, Obama’s mantra….. “RAM IT THROUGH, IF THEY STILL OPPOSE IT, GET IN THEIR FACE AND FIGHT”.

I got news for you, we are tired of Government “being in our face”.

Posted by seattleman1969 | Report as abusive

Hmmm…Did Obama ram through Single Payer healthcare?
Did Obama ram through a Public Option?
Did Obama ram through ending the Bush Tax Cuts?
Did Obama ram through new Ozone Standards?
Did Obama ram through keeping ANWAR off limits to drillers?
Did Obama ram through the assault weapons ban?
Did Obama….well, you get it. The list just goes on and on.
Conservatives have gotten to the point where they believe their own lies. That’s a pity, because America needs more intelligent debate in order to move forward. When one side is simply living in an alternate reality, there is no point in debate.

Posted by GetpIaning | Report as abusive

I would not give him anything . The medicare 11 % cut cost my wife 7200.00 a year in pay cuts. Her employer lost 65000.00 a month forcing a across the board pay cut and hiring freeze. He is already tanking this country and he needs to be stopped. Any company he says is growing you will find his money there. They all need to take a 50 % pay cut and kill all pork programs. Stop spending our tax dollars going around the US. Get back in the chair and DO THE RIGHT THING FOR AMERICA.

Posted by ripx6125 | Report as abusive