Some ‘Occupy DC’ protestors not happy with Obama either

October 11, 2011

By Lily Kuo

Protestors in the Washington arm of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement have another message for the 1 percent: Listen up, President Obama.

Several Republican presidential candidates have criticized the movement as anti-American, divisive, and “in search of scapegoats.” But many members of what has become known as Occupy DC are not warming up to the Democratic president either, a fact that could frustrate what analysts say are Obama’s hopes to co-opt a burgeoning movement representing average Americans.

“[Obama and Biden] may be making a bet that this thing will get real traction among the middle class and young people, who have largely checked out of politics,” said Paul Light, a political science professor at New York University.

Many protestors in Washington, who said they voted for Obama in 2008, see the current administration as part of the problem.

“We elected Obama, we had a Democratic Congress and it did not work. This isn’t about any candidate. It’s about how things are being run,” said Thom Reges, 26, sitting next to a bench stocked with donated food and coffee in McPherson Square, a park in downtown Washington and meeting point for Occupy DC.

Some supporters of the Occupy movement in DC said they were disenchanted with the president for bending to corporate interests and forgetting his base. They said their votes in 2012 were not assured.

“He took his Latino and black constituents for granted,” said Theron Cook, 51, who runs a management consulting business in Washington. “If he continues like this … No, I won’t vote for him again.”

“We’re frustrated with Obama because we think he’s not putting up enough of a fight,” said Julie Levine, 52, a professor at the University of Southern California. Levine and Cook spoke to Reuters outside the White House on Friday where they had hoped to attend a demonstration.

“Just as the Tea Party did, we need to pressure him from the other end,” Levine said.

The Occupy Wall Street movement began last month in New York and has spread across the country to other cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Washington, where over 100 people were camping out a few blocks from the White House.

Photo Credits: REUTERS/Stephen Lam (A demonstrator at the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco), REUTERS/Marcus Donner (Demonstrators waves signs at passing cars in Seattle), REUTERS/Lily Kuo (In Washington a demonstrator appeals to morning commuters).


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Democrats are not going to co-opt OWS. Unions wont either. If they think they will, they have no understanding of the movement. Obama is off hosting $37,000 fundraiser dinners, he doesn’t get it.

Posted by TheNewWorld | Report as abusive

Protesters are very upset with Obama, but he doesn’t recognize it. http://mediapoliticsinperspective.wordpr the-wall-street-movement/

Posted by jfk909us | Report as abusive

I quote from their doctrine “Corporations should be highly limited in their ability to contribute to political campaigns no matter what the election and no matter what the form of media. This is to ensure that the politicians that are elected are loyal to the people and not to their corporate buyers.” They aren’t asking for freebies – read their doctrine. I am a 51 year old wealthy republican leaning independent and I support “Occupy Wall Street” because their doctrine makes complete sense. Read their doctrine before you decide who they are and who they should support.

Posted by minipaws | Report as abusive

Have you read their list of demands. They are all over the place and contradictory.

btw, if they are not asking for freebies, what do you call, “Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr.” “Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.” “Free college education.”?

Posted by psydoc | Report as abusive

The right and their corporate media have been doing their best to marginalize and ridicule the OWS movement. Their message is simple – economic justice.

When the MOTU crash the world economy and come out of it with more money than they had before the crash, someone needs to say something.

The folks making fun of the tax paying peasants protesting down in the street should look up from their monitors for a moment and see what their algo programs and high speed trading platforms are doing to the rest of us.

Posted by GetpIaning | Report as abusive