Cain backers reprise ‘high-tech lynching’ theme

November 4, 2011

A group of Herman Cain supporters has pulled out the heavy artillery in defense of the Republican presidential hopeful against sexual harassment allegations.

“Americans for Herman Cain” — an outside group not affiliated with his campaign — released this ad comparing the media treatment of Cain to what Clarence Thomas went through during his 1991 U.S. Senate confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. Thomas — who also faced sexual harassment allegations and a media frenzy — denounced his treatment as “a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks.”

The sponsors of the pro-Cain ad reprise the phrase and use video of Thomas speaking two decades ago. It urges Cain supporters not to let the “left” do it again.

Cain complained of his treatment in the glare of the Washington media spotlight in an interview with conservative activist Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Thomas.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (Cain wipes his brow during remarks to the Congressional Health Care Caucus on Nov. 2)


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Cain: Stop whining and tell us the truth. If you have nothing to hide, then release the confidentiality agreement and let’s hear what happened (so we can judge for ourselves). You won’t. Instead, you will pretend to be the victim. We would respect you more if you came clean about everything.

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It’s a high tech lynching in the same way that Herman Cain’s campaign is a campaign and not a book tour. The entire purpose of Herman Cain is to distract. Everyday spent talking about Cain and his book tour, is another day we don’t focus on Mitt Romney’s Wall Street Machine.

Herman Cain is unfit for the office of POTUS regardless of any allegations of sexual harassment. Anyone that states that China is seeking nuclear arms is dangerously uninformed.

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Clarence Thomas was guilty of sexual harrassment.

Ditto Herman Cain.

Clarence Thomas is a poor choice for the right to hold up. Thomas has proven to be one of the least thoughtful and certainly the least independent voice on the Supreme Court in my lifetime (he’s the tail on the Scalia dog).

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