Herman Cain promises more “Powerful Pauses”

November 17, 2011

White House hopeful Herman Cain defended his now infamous “Milwaukee pause” while stumping in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday, and even termed a new phrase putting a positive spin on his apparent gaffe.

Earlier this week Cain stumbled in an interview at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, pausing at length when asked a question about U.S. policy in Libya.

“Unlike politicians, I don’t shoot from the lip,” Cain told Reuters at the Airport Diner, saying that as a businessman he takes in information and considers it before responding.

Cain noted that as candidates rise in the polls they need to become more discliplined in their public pronouncements.

“Like the thing in Milwaukee this week,” Cain offered. “It wasn’t a mental lapse. It was a thoughtful pause.”

“You can look forward to more ‘Powerful Pauses.'”

Cain, black coffee in hand, spoke to dozens of customers at the diner, explaining his 9-9-9 tax plan and promising “bold solutions” if elected.

He was unflappable when ambushed by fringe Democratic candidate Vermin Supreme, a Massachusetts man running in New Hampshire on the platform of zombie preparedness and free ponies for all Americans.

Supreme asked Cain if he might be considered for the post of ambassador to “Uzbeki-beki-stan,” a reference to a Cain quip from earlier this year making light of his own lack of detailed foreign policy knowledge.

“You look like you’re ready for it,” Cain told Supreme, who was wearing a rubber boot on his head and a World Wrestling Federation cape.

Photo Credit: REUTERS / Brian Snyder (Cain adds his signature to a ceremonial Notice to Voters signed by all of the candidates appearing on the primary ballot at the Secretary of State’s office in Concord, New Hampshire, November 17, 2011.)


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He actually believes himself?

Posted by zoemoire | Report as abusive

Of course he takes advantage of all the news outlets who are following his every step. Herman Cain likes this because he is succeeding as a business man and making a lot of money. It does not matter if he gets the nomination. He is selling tonic in a carnival show.

Posted by aota | Report as abusive

Surely, the Republicans are embarrassed.

Posted by PCScipio | Report as abusive