RickPerry.com reroutes visitors to Ron Paul’s 2012 site

December 7, 2011

By Karen Brooks

Update, 6:30pm ET: RickPerry.com is no longer sending visitors to ronpaul2012.com.

Original post:

It’s common knowledge that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has plenty of campaign money – the question is, would he be willing to let go of about $50,000 of it in the name of cyber politics?

Critics of Perry and fans of fellow GOP presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul are laughing this week over the fact that www.RickPerry.com redirects visitors to Paul’s campaign website.

What they may not know is that Perry’s namesake dot-com site has been owned by someone other than Gov. Perry since at least 1998, according to his campaign.

The governor’s actual campaign site, www.rickperry.org, has been used by the campaign for several years. The dot-com address currently being co-opted by supporters of the congressman has changed hands a number of times and, apparently, has long since been given up for lost by Texans for Rick Perry, his official campaign machine — although it is up for auction at a price of $50,000, according to GoDaddy.com.

But Perry’s campaign doesn’t seem to be very concerned about the buzz, which is a little late to the party for those who are familiar with Texas politics and have known about the dot-com issue for years.

His spokesman said Wednesday that he doesn’t think anyone will confuse Perry with Paul.

“We trust voters to know the difference,” said communications director Ray Sullivan.

Incidentally, nobody at all owns www.newtgingrich.com. That’s another blog post waiting to happen.

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Paul’s supporters are famous for campaigning on their own with their own literature, signs, and creative projects ranging from billboards and full-page newspaper ads to airplanes towing banners and even a huge blimp in his 2008 bid. One current example is a mailing showing up in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada that highlights Paul. It’s being sent out as an independent project by his supporters, not by the Paul campaign. These mailings, dubbed the Super-Brochure, have the return address of the supporter that paid for the mailing to one or more precincts. Paul obviously excites his base like no other candidate.

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