Huntsman goes after the media

December 20, 2011

For months, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign has arguably been kept afloat by the media. Fundraising has lagged and his national poll numbers are still at about 2 percent — the same as when he entered the race in June. Yet Huntsman has received lengthy and favorable profiles by the New York Times magazine, Newsweek, Esquire and Vogue — coverage that Buddy Roemer or Gary Johnson, who have registered similar poll numbers, or Ron Paul, who has much better ones, could only dream of.

But that didn’t keep Huntsman from lashing out at the media today while campaigning in Nashua, N.H. “My hot button is when the media have me come across as cool and collected, because I’m not,” said Huntsman, in response to a question about what makes him angry. “When I’m placed on the end of the debate stage and get three minutes of time because everyone is focused on who lights their hair on fire in the debate.”

Huntsman praised his “Lincoln-Douglas” debate in New Hampshire last week with Newt Gingrich as a model of civilized discourse because neither he nor Gingrich were asked any “gotcha questions.” But he lamented the media’s analysis of the debate. “There wasn’t any blood on the floor, how come you didn’t kill each other?” he said. “This is what we’ve come to.”

Huntsman may have a fair point about the media’s coverage of the election as a “horse race,” but he may not want to cite an event at which his own daughter fell asleep as an example of an ideal presidential debate.



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Good for him! The same outrageous media elitism and maney-grubbing is why Johnson % Roemer don’t get a fair shake either!

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There are a couple problems with Jon Huntsman. He has us focusing on how little time he gets on the debate stage and whether or not he lights his hair on fire. What he doesn’t have us paying attention to his how much PAC and SuperPAC money he gets, and how much money his dad and Huntsman Corp funnel into his SuperPAC. Like we’re supposed to believe that isn’t coordinated? Plus he believes our relationship with China is the future. We need a President who is Free To Lead, who doesn’t accept PAC or SuperPAC money, who will demand Fair Trade, not Free Trade, especially with countries like China, who use slave, child and sweatshop labor. We need Governor Buddy Roemer.

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