Ron Paul quits CNN interview after questions about racist newsletters

December 22, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul abruptly ended an interview with CNN’s Gloria Borger yesterday after she asked him about racist newsletters published under his name in the 1980s and 1990s.

When Borger questioned Paul about profit he reportedly made from the newsletters, some of which contained prejudiced statements about African Americans and conspiracy theories about AIDS, Paul protested that he “never read that stuff.”

“I was probably aware of it ten years after it was written,” he said. “It’s been going on 20 years that people have pestered me about this and CNN does it every single time. So when are you going to wear yourself out?”

Borger responded that the newsletters, whose titles included Ron Paul’s Political Report and Ron Paul’s Freedom Report and were written in the first person, were “pretty incendiary.”

“Because of people like you,” Paul said, before removing his microphone and walking off the interview.

“He clearly thinks it’s irrelevant. He thinks it’s been asked and answered,” Borger later told Wolf Blitzer. “It’s clearly a question he’d rather not be asked.”

Among the statements included in the newsletters was, according to The Atlantic, an assertion that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a “world-class philanderer who beat up his paramours” and “seduced underage girls and boys.” Another said, “I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

In a 1995 C-SPAN interview, uncovered by Mediaite, Paul acknowledges the newsletter, which he described as a “business investment newsletter that sort of covered…a lot about what was going on in Washington, and financial events, and especially some of the monetary events.”

Watch Paul’s touchy interview with Borger:


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CNN should do a better job with digging up info on this topic.

The last clip is from the situation room in 2008. If they want to revisit the question……revisit the answer. im-the-anti-racist/

Posted by Jcjayhawk | Report as abusive

Gloria Borger should be ashamed for allowing her personal agenda bias the interview with Dr. Paul. I wonder if she is hammering the other folks in the running the same way.
I don’t see her attacking Gingrich for having his hand in the pocket of big business.
I don’t see her hammering Bachmann for her belief in theocracy in government.
I don’t see her calling Perry a bigot for his gay-bashing messages.

Maybe she just can’t get an interview with the other guys.

Posted by DaisyLuther | Report as abusive

Wow! A newsletter from 20 years ago that has been asked and answered repeatedly suddenly appears in 200 blogs and 30 newspaper articles and 10 TV shows within 48 hours after Paul — who has been otherwise ignored — is announced as being in the lead in Iowa and threatening the status quo. This simultaneous outburst from so many channels and so well orchestrated certainly smells like a coordinated smear by those who largely give Gingrich’s 100s of mistakes a pass. When Paul gets irritated at this massed attack, that’s news. Lets look at the merits. Paul said he did not write, edit, or read it at the time. Have you or anyone shown otherwise? No. Do you do any work to substantiate the claim? No. Is this just responsible journalistic reporting with all facts and interviews? No. Does every verified speech by Paul and indeed his core philosophy make racism absurd? Yes. So on the merits, this appears as immoral trash that — for some unknown reason — is suddenly everywhere (do a web search). Why not cover his heroic defense of due process and his singular repudiation of NDAA 2012? Because that would be responsible to democracy. If you could show Paul was a secret racist that would horrify me. With this illogical and rhetorical smear, cnn, and the 100s printing exactly the same superficial story do disturb me. Guilt by association?

Posted by ddf | Report as abusive

You mean he quit after she kept pestering him about it after he’d answered the question. And as she rightfully knows was asked about it yesterday on her station.

She has a conflict of interest with her husbands job and needs to be fired for cause.

She crossed the Rubicon and attacked her subject.

I don’t see CNN giving back the profit they made promoting war propaganda and cheering the murder of children in Iraq.

MSM has been co-opted. Ron Paul is a direct threat to their gravy train on both the left and the right.

Take away their licenses and give them to real journalists.

Posted by anonoped | Report as abusive

Why is the media so keen on painting Ron Paul a racist?

Major media outlets are owned by the very same big corporations that would suffer major losses in the true free-market environment Ron Paul wants to implement.

Doug Wead nailed it a couple months back: cy-Ron-Paul-Federal/2011/09/16/id/411246

“Remember, this is, and this has always been, a game of Monopoly. And they have been cheating. And Ron Paul has caught them.”

Posted by Daniel_T | Report as abusive

Ron Paul has disavowed them. Why is this a story?

Media outlets know they can’t possibly police all the writers they have, this is how you get a Jayson Blair, a Jack Kelley…

The end of the day, Ron Paul does have the support of the NAACP.

Posted by Tim.E.E | Report as abusive

This is a total smear job. The media’s treatment of this man is disgusting.

Posted by mjgaz | Report as abusive

The MSM = Hypocrites, in desperation, grasping at straws. Unfortunately there are gullible people out there who will fall for this nonsense.

Posted by jclimacus081 | Report as abusive

Borger is unsufferable, and Ron Paul is a class act here. He’s answered the question endlessly, yet the infantile media can’t seem to focus on anything else. They give the other candidates a pass on the real issues and instead dwell on this relatively inconsequential nonsense. No wonder CNN’s ratings are in the tank.

Posted by thrashertm2 | Report as abusive

He answered the question.

Posted by RollBama | Report as abusive

The woman who “interviewed” Paul, Gloria Borger, is married to a LANCE MORGAN. Mr. Morgan is the chief communications and crisis strategist of POWELL TATE. Powell Tate is a Washington D.C. firm that represents every part of the very same MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that Ron Paul wants to reduce!

This is a total conflict of interest. Her husband’s firm includes overseeing a coalition to support congressional funds to parts of the U.S. Military! She’s profiting from the wars that Dr. Paul wants to end! She’s got a lot to lose with a Paul presidency, to say the least.

CNN should also show us the COMPLETE taped interview.
It looks like as if a sit-down interview they had was done with and Ron was taking off his mic, but they edited it (note the abrupt flashes) to make it look like he had stormed off prematurely.

Then again, what do you expect from a network that fakes its news broadcasts? xs 68&feature=related

Posted by the200wing | Report as abusive

She has and does have every right to ask those Questions!

What about the many situations faced by Obama when he was running! And many of you hypocrites are defending this man?

Ron Paul is a great example of puerile idiocy affecting America today and you can bet any bottom dollar that if investigators are set after his past with extreme prejudice, they would find mountainous gold hills after another of incendiary material he would rather us not find out.

This man is dangerous!

Seriously, try humbling yourselves to reason.

WOW…the fact that even Michele Bachmann is even in the race or, the fact that Sarah Palin was even ever thought of as a possible presidential candidate as well as who we have to ogle over as current possible candidates should give rise to enough reasonable thought, so as to prematurely vote in Obama again now.

Do I think of him as a perfect leader, no of course not and infact I am quite frazled over many things he has done and may do. I do not agree with many things he may want to do yet, I also realize this of any leader. More to the point is that, he truely ‘does’ wish to change the political atmosphere but this is fallacy, if near on impossible due to the nature of the beast.

I trust he has the intelligence to take the appropriate course though and thus far, he has.

I say appropriate, and use neither “right nor wrong”, as so many narrow minded, post-type-casting gerrymandering desiderates mandate.

How foolish. Ron Paul a class act!? That sir is just out right foolishness!

Posted by NeoHuman | Report as abusive

And the raw footage shows CNN edited it to feed us propaganda… the mainstream media creating propaganda, who would have thought? 2078343/Raw-footage-shows-Ron-Paul-DIDNT -storm-CNN-interview-racist-newsletters– interview-simply-done.html?ito=feeds-new sxml

Posted by Jsingh1022 | Report as abusive

Here is the link to the un-edited version of the CNN interview with Claudia Borger and Ron Paul. As you’ll conclude after watching the whole 8:xx minutes, the video was heavily edited. Ron Paul did not just walk away from the questions, the interview was formally ended, all questions answered in length and depth.

I think that you should refrain from further pursuing this campaign of smear and slander, it does not suit a “serious” news outlet such as yourselves. Phony journalism and propaganda should be exposed, not furthered. There must be some morality left somewhere. Values can’t all be dead. WQ0&feature=player_embedded

Posted by ZapZarap | Report as abusive

Borger conducted that interview a full six minutes before the “tough questions” about the newsletters came up. CNN cut out that first part of the interview and chose only to air the part where Paul became frustrated with Borger’s antagonistic line of questioning; the intent was to show that Paul was too impatient to deal with CNN’s tough line of questioning. Highly unethical on CNN’s part. Secondly, Borger’s stupid line of questioning like, “Would you give the money back if you had made any money on those newsletters?” was laughable. Will CNN donate to charity the money it made during that embarrassing excuse for TV journalism?

Posted by normalinx | Report as abusive

@ Neohuman
Have you even seen the interview in question? …. Or any of Ron Paul’s “interviews”?…. oh look, the interview video is no longer available, go figure. They should of included a full breakdown of the interview word for word. This “story” is nothing more then a feeble attempt at throwing Ron Paul under the bus and skewing the actual interview.

Posted by paulvlachos | Report as abusive

So does John King have the right to ask Gingrich about his past relationships? People would rather ignore it because it proves Ron Paul’s point that he is treated unfairly by the media. When Ron Paul scolds the media they say, “he is an old crank”.

When Newt Gingrich scolds the media, People Cheer and Agree with him!?!!?? This whole world is twisted,.

Posted by TotallyBurned | Report as abusive