Old film shows Paul warning of UN plot

December 28, 2011

Conspiracy theories are nothing new to Ron Paul. Witness his lengthy appearance in this 1998 John Birch Society documentary, in which he predicts that the United Nations “would confiscate our guns’ and the rest of Americans’ private property. The United States, he says in the video, “will become nothing more than a pawn of the United Nations.”

“The election process will become the task of world government monitors,” the documentary’s narrator says at the 2:16 mark. “The U.S. Congress, president, judicial system and state and local government shall exist only as a facade to assure American citizens that they still have a voice in government.”

The documentary goes on to suggest the UN could disband and even burn down U.S. churches that don’t submit to its control, and throw their ministers in jail (3:15). Paul chimes in: “If the United Nations has their way, there will be curtailment of our right to practice religion,” he is shown saying (4:12).

“Citizens who attempt to defend whatever freedoms they have remaining will join the victims of the inevitable brutality and bloodbath carried out by a tyrannical UN dictatorship,” the narrator says at the 4:40 mark.

Here’s the video (h/t Andrew Kaczynski):

YouTube Preview Image

Credit: Akaczynski1/YouTube


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“If the United Nations has their way, there will be curtailment of our right to practice religion,”

Now I’m not religious so I’m not saying this from a theological point of view, but there is actually truth to this quote.

It’s becoming more frequent that people are being ostracized for practicing religion in public places. And while it’s not a flat out ban, it does seem to be moving in that direction, which BTW is curtailing.

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So the recent IMF bailout of Europe wasn’t partially supported by the Federal Reserve and American taxpayers? And $6 trillion from the banker bailouts of 2008 didn’t go to European banks as reported by the GAO audit of the Fed? And Obama’s top contributors (Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan) aren’t the same as Romeny’s? I guess the reporting of facts is a conspiracy, too.

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I don’t see anything about this that any mainstream conservative would disagree with, we shouldn’t be in the UN paying for everyone else’s defense.

Posted by hurricaneoasis | Report as abusive

At least he’s consistently nuts.

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“Narrator said this,” “narrator said that.” So again Paul is being held accountable for words he did not say?
I’m glad you don’t hold President Obama accountable for editorial positions held by all the organizations he’s ever had interviews with.

Then again, I’m a young person and Ron Paul promises to give me all the weed I want so I swore an oath to tirade meanly against any critical depiction of him…

Ron Paul 2012.

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Poor journalism: “Narrator said this,” “Narrator said that.” Ron Paul didn’t say it.

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Seriously? Fear mongers who really don’t understand the resolve of the American people, I am insulted.

Posted by Eli_of_Cinci | Report as abusive

Those predictions are coming true. Research Agenda 21, the UN initiative that strips our property rights.
Or how about the UN small arms treaty?
And the recent UN led war against Libya?

Part of Ron Paul’s appeal is that he is the only one I trust that will either remove or greatly reduce our involvement with the United Nations. Including the amount that we pay to finance the organization.

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Wow, Ron Paul does it aqain. He predicted that the federal government’s role in the Middle East would lead to terrorist attacks prior to 9/11. He predicted the government and the Federal Reserve’s policies would lead to a housing bubble and financial crisis back in 2002. And now we learn that in 1988 that he predicted that our involvement in the UN would endanger the sovereignty of American citizens. If you read about Agenda 21 and the UN Small Arms Treaty on the UN website, you’ll see that Ron Paul was correct.

How many times does this man have to predict the future before the American people wake up and start to pay attention?

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Yellow Journalism, Ron Paul never made that video for the John Birch Society,s.

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Yellow Journalism, Ron Paul never made that video for the John Birch Society,s.

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Reuters is owned by the richest man in Canada.

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