Four and a half Romney men

December 30, 2011

Josh, Joe (Tagg’s son), Craig, Tagg and Matt in Manchester.

The impossibly handsome, all-American foursome that walked into the Windham Restaurant on Thursday morning might have meant that a Ralph Lauren photo shoot was getting under way. Or it could have just meant that the Romney boys were back in town.

With Papa Romney busy campaigning in Iowa, four of his five sons — Tagg, Matt, Josh and Craig — as well as his grandson, Joe, stumped for the candidate in New Hampshire, regaling voters with stories of Mitt and his various exploits as family man extraordinaire, legendary household tightwad, savior of the Salt Lake City Olympics, and so on.

In their almost-matching outfits, down to the white checked shirts often favored by their famous father, the Romney boys seemed eerily reminiscent of that other good-looking Mormon group, the Osmonds.

“What we can do is brag about him, in ways that he can’t brag about himself,” Tagg Romney said. “We’ve been doing everything we can.” In the family hierarchy Tagg is “the oldest one” or alternatively, as he noted, “the only one who got stuck with a strange name.”

Craig (left) and Josh Romney in Manchester.

Craig, the “youngest and funniest” Romney, had the crowd laughing in Concord by recalling how his father, usually portrayed as the ultimate square, learned the radical Olympic sport of skeleton — basically, sliding down an icy track face-first on a flimsy sled — on a dare from NBC.

“He got a call from The Today Show, which said if he would do the skeleton on the track, they would have him on the show,” Craig Romney said. Eager for any positive publicity for the then scandal-hit Winter Games, Romney took up the challenge, seeking out the help of U.S. athlete Jimmy Shea, who went on to win skeleton gold in Salt Lake. “He literally was willing to do anything to make the Games a success. We watched him on The Today Show, doing the skeleton.”

In Manchester on Thursday night the quartet stopped in at state campaign headquarters, manning the phone banks to call potential voters, taking questions from volunteers and eating pizza. Romney’s campaign is doing phone banks six nights a week, often with about 20 callers in the rotation. About 50 showed up to see the Romney boys.

The Romneys said they were not interested in engaging in a Twitter war with the “Huntsman girls,” the daughters of rival Republican Jon Huntsman who lags badly in the polls. “We’re just focused on my dad and trying to get my dad elected,” Tagg Romney said. On the question of whether Romney or Huntsman has the better hair, Tagg punted. “I think my brother Josh has the best hair.”


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…..gee …some more silver spoon sons whose father was born on third base and presumed he hit a triple ….let me ask the romneys ….including Mitt ….you went on missionary work for the LDS cause ….how many of you [including daddy ] ever signed up for military service ?….sounds like the sons are joining daddy warbucks on third base …..some patriots

Posted by salmonwise | Report as abusive

Thank you Salmonwise, for posting the correct term L.D.S. (Latter Day Saints).
“Mormon” is not the correct term to identify this “religion”. In fact, this was changed to L.D.S. because the so-called “Mormon church” is not a church at all. They pay taxes. L.D.S. does meet the definition of cult.
Dept. of Homeland Security has also defined L.D.S. as a cult. (for what it’s worth).
The Romneys’ are not Patriots nor Good Citizens for that matter. They subscribe to the tenants of LDS which, advocate the institution of polygamy, and contain detailed written instruction re: “how to take over the United States” and “How to take over the World” There are sections in LDS literature titled “Cognitive Dissonance” (see def. of Cognitive Persuasion or Chinese Thought Reform for more detailed explanations).
The LDS wants repeal of Roe V. Wade as a priority. Why? Because, if repealed, women (and children) will return to being “property” (vs. human beings as they are now). This will eliminate any illegality of polygamy as it is not illegal for “men” to own property. This has been their belief since inception. However, Warren Jeffs conviction alone so incensed the LDS that they vowed to initiate their plans immediately.
The only question about Mitt Romnney (and John Huntsman) one should ask themselves is this. Do I want a member of a cult to be the leader of the free world? (Not to mention one who poses as a Mormon in the guise of “religion”/church v. LDS)?)

Posted by Katabatic | Report as abusive

Seriously? An article about a couple of guys making phone calls has you both outraged like this? That’s sad.

Oh..Warren Jeffs is FLDS – not LDS. There’s a pretty significant difference there. If you’re concerned about the FLDS there’s an article about how Jeffs (who is serving a life term + 20 years) has dissolved marriages and ordered his followers NOT to have sex while he’s in prison. That should be interesting. prison-warren-jeffs-allegedly-banning-se x-marriage-by-flds-church-members/

Posted by kingsfan | Report as abusive

Katabatic – It appears that you may be confusing LDS with FLDS, although you clearly don’t understand either religion. Your hate filled comment is so delusional and over-the-top, I am not sure whether to be offended, to laugh or kindly remind you to take your medication.

Posted by Bubbafett | Report as abusive

Four and a half Romney men? This is just the story you look for at 0700 AM. What do these boys have to say to the working man? Just because they tell a story means that I get a warm feeling, no thankyou.

Posted by Lightharry | Report as abusive