New Hampshire paper, Huntsman launch fresh attacks on Ron Paul

December 29, 2011

New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the Union Leader, suspended its attacks on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Thursday to turn its editorial fire on Texas Rep. Ron Paul.¬† The newspaper, which helped fuel Newt Gingrich’s rise in the polls in late November after it endorsed the former House speaker, published a front page editorial, titled “Ron Paul is truly dangerous,” criticizing Paul’s dovish views on Iran and the treatment of captured terror suspects. Paul’s views, in the words of publisher Joe McQuaid, are “warped” and “nuts.”

McQuaid writes:

Never mind Paul being the favored candidate of the lunatic fringe (see white supremacists, anti-Semites, truthers, etc.). Never mind his refusal to disavow a third-party run (which would only help President Obama’s reelection). His defenders say they admire Ron Paul’s “consistency.” It is true, Paul has been consistently spouting this nonsense. It is about time New Hampshire voters showed him the door.

Meanwhile, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who has staked his entire campaign on the Granite State but has seen Paul surge ahead of him in polls there, is out with a hard-hitting new ad highlighting some loony statements contained in Paul’s newsletters. Among them: a claim that Martin Luther King was a “pro-communist philanderer,” another claim suggesting “90 if not 95 percent of black males in [Washington, D.C.] are semi-criminal if not entirely criminal” and the suggestion of a “federal-homosexual cover-up of AIDS.” Paul has said he wasn’t the author of the controversial statements, which appeared in letters with names like¬† Ron Paul’s Freedom Report, the Ron Paul Survival Report and the Ron Paul Investment Letter.

Watch Jon Huntsman’s new anti-Paul ad, “Unelectable”:

YouTube Preview Image

Credit: Jon2012HQ/YouTube


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Ron Paul has history on his side. He tried to stop the bad policies that led to the 2001 attack. yer_embedded&v=XguvMUUtTtI
He predicted the housing bubble five years prior. Nc what other candidate opposes the patriot act or the indefinite detainment of Americans without a trial?

Posted by ivykid | Report as abusive

Wow i`m so proud, Huntsman got his 1st ad. Did daddy pay for it? Huntsman`s not even competing in Iowa. Even the candidates competing in Iowa, That come in dead last, Become irrelevant. Look at history. If you don`t come top 3-4 in Iowa, You wont be top 3 in NH. The race get shaken up after NH. Not only that, You need to have campaign HQ`s open in all the first 5 states and all the super Tuesdays states. Like Paul/Romney… Huntsman doesn’t even have a HQ`s open in all the early states. Hes not even on the Virginia ballot. He thinks hanging in will get him a cabinet position later. What a schmuck. If your not on the Virginia ballot, You cant be taken serious.

Posted by johneverymann | Report as abusive

Would a racist want to end the war on drugs? That only benefits white people.

Posted by linda45 | Report as abusive

Justin Raimondo, a person who knows the people involved,explains what really happened. ay_libertarians_are_trying_to_smear_ron_ paul/#axzz1h23drvgv

Posted by MrKnapp | Report as abusive

With these recent stunts, Huntsman has revealed his true role in this 3012 election cycle. These numerous sidekick “vanity” candidates such as Huntsman are there for only one reason – to steer the voters toward the establishment’s choice – Obama or Romney – both deep in the pocket of international banking and the military industrial complex! They need to maintain the status quo and Ron Paul is anything but “status quo”! The smear will continue until it totally fails and begins to works counter productively and then the establishment will have nothing left but to give up or rig elections.

Posted by TommyO | Report as abusive

Hmmmmm ….. The slander has to match the character and that aint happening so, …. Like Ron Paul said before concerning this lie, ” IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO ” ? …. P.S, What a waist of campaign money .

Posted by DL261 | Report as abusive