Occupy New Hampshire Primary

December 31, 2011

Two Occupy protesters braved freezing temperatures in Laconia, New Hampshire, on Thursday to stand silently outside a Rotary lunch meeting where Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman made his 130th campaign appearance in the state. They held a sign that read “Occupy NH Primary” and also a large mock ballot with a tick next to a “We the People” option instead of the Republican or Democrat options.

While it’s not clear what role protesters plan to play in the 2012 U.S. elections, they are already making themselves heard. Occupy protesters have interrupted campaign speeches by President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. They have also targeted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as he campaigned for Mitt Romney, the current frontrunner in the Republican White House race.

Protesters in the national movement, which grew from an initial Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City on Sept. 17, are upset that billions of dollars in bailouts were given to banks while “average” Americans are still suffering financially, and accuse politicians of being swayed by large campaign donations from big businesses.

The catch-cry of “We are the 99 percent,” which refers to a view that the richest 1 percent don’t pay enough in taxes, has struck a chord across the country, and the protests’ momentum has prompted politicians, unions and even some advertisers to adopt the rhetoric.

While echoing the protesters’ language, Obama has sought to downplay the notion of a 1 percent versus a 99 percent, and this week so did Huntsman while campaigning in New Hampshire, where the first primary to choose the Republican presidential nominee will be held on Jan. 10.

“I want to be president of the 99 percent and I want to be president of the 1 percent. I’m tired of this division stuff, I really am. I’m sick and tired of class warfare stuff too, you don’t win elections by dividing people. We need to come together as Americans,” said Huntsman in Pelham, New Hampshire, on Wednesday. “It isn’t class warfare that’s going to win an election, that’s going to tear us apart. It’s opportunity that is going to win an election.”

“There’s got to be shared sacrifice on the part of everybody. I believe when you look at entitlements, for example, I’m not going to have a hesitation to call on the upper income categories in this nation and say you don’t need certain benefits,” said the former U.S. ambassador to China and Singapore.

Huntsman’s father, Jon Huntsman Snr., is among the richest people in the United States, having built up a fortune of billions through his chemicals corporation. But he is also among dozens of billionaires to have signed Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ “Giving Pledge” campaign – a vow to give away at least half of their fortunes to charity. Huntsman Snr. is one of only 19 billionaires worldwide to have already given away more than $1 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

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What I don’t get is what the Occupy folks are protesting when the have a candidate that is 100% dedicated to fixing the rigged system to bring government back to representing the 99% vs the 1%. This is 100% Buddy Roemer’s message and yet Occupy continues to snub or at least ignore him.

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