A Palin goes for Gingrich

January 9, 2012

Newt Gingrich may have been hoping for a Palin endorsement, but the one he announced Monday was probably not the one he was expecting.

The aspiring Republican presidential nominee said he received a call from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s husband saying he would endorse him for president.

“Honored to be endorsed by Todd Palin.” Gingrich tweeted, though he did not mention anything about the more powerful Palin and if she had chosen whom to support in the 2012 campaign.

Gingrich’s campaign released a short press release later in the day quoting Todd Palin — a former snow machine champion who was introduced throughout the 2008 campaign by his wife as the “First Dude” of Alaska — calling Gingrich a “true leader.”

Palin even drew comparisons of the 68-year-old former speaker of the House with his 47-year-old wife who was the first Republican woman to run for vice president.

“Just like Sarah, Newt has faced many successes and challenges,” Palin said in the statement released by Gingrich’s campaign. “Despite his consultants leaving him last summer, Newt is still standing because of his ideas and his success in the debates — not by spending millions of dollars in campaign ads.”

According to Santina Leuci of ABC News, Todd Palin, known to be a close adviser to his wife, said she has yet to decide “who is best able to go up against Barack Obama.”

Photo credit: Sarah Palin and her husband Todd attend a rally in Virginia Beach, Virginia October 13, 2008. REUTERS/Carlos Barria


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LOL, just what Newt was hoping for, an endorsement from and uneducated, Alaskan redneck (no offense to Alaska, I am from KY and it 80% rednecks) who has no idea the best path to move the country forward in the 21st century.

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Just like his Grifter wife, Todd Palin doesn’t actually care about Gingrich or the GOP nomination. He only cares about how he can USE the issue for his own benefit. Todd has recently tried to get the Discovery channel to produce another BOGUS “reality” show, this time about Todd’s participation in the Iron Dog snowmobile race. Discovery turned him down flat. Fox “news” is likely to not renew Sarah’s contract, primarily because of the incredibly shoddy way she handled her Presidential run prospects. Sarah has been like a stripper teasing the audience , and for the same reasons. She wants to fleece as much money as possible off the rubes who blindly follow her. The legacy of the Tea Party and it’s poster girl Palin, and the Right Wing extremists like Rush Limbaugh and the Koch brothers is the total destruction of the GOP’s leadership

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