Ron Paul meets mayhem at morning campaign stop

January 9, 2012

Tensions were high at Ron Paul’s first campaign stop in Manchester, New Hampshire, today, a day before the state votes in its first-in-the-nation Republican primary. At a breakfast visit to Moe Joe’s Family Restaurant, few actual primary voters were in attendance. Instead, the restaurant was packed with a group of a hundred high school students from Franklin, Massachusetts (hometown of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown), out-of-state activists from the nonpartisan Americans Elect, more than a hundred journalists, fringe candidate Vermin Supreme, and a convertible with two people in pig costumes promoting the website

It proved a combustible mix for a tiny space. Prior to Paul’s arrival, a teacher from the Massachusetts high school dressed down about four dozen journalists as if they’d been caught shooting spitballs or smoking in the bathroom. “You’re going to ruin it for all these kids,” he shouted.

Television cameras on tripods and reporters standing in front of his breakfasting students would spoil their view of the Texas congressman when he arrived, the teacher said. He threatened to pack the kids back on their two buses and leave if the reporters didn’t heed his plea.

They didn’t. When Paul arrived he was swarmed by a group of nearly 30 television cameras and photographers. After spending 15 minutes trying to push his way through the media hordes to greet Massachusetts residents who weren’t old enough to vote anyway, Paul gave up and fled back to his black Chevrolet Suburbans, accompanied by a phalanx of aides and burly security men.

In the parking lot he was met by Vermin Supreme, a perennial fringe candidate who is running on a platform of mandatory tooth-brushing and ponies for all. Supreme, wearing multiple neckties and a rubber boot on his head, taunted Paul. “Ron Paul is a monster,” he shouted into his megaphone.

Supreme stood in front of Paul’s convoy as it tried to exit the parking lot. “Where does Ron Paul stand on zombie preparedness?” he said, as dozens of television cameras rolled.  “Come on, Ron Paul, you don’t want to run me over, that would be bad press.”

Paul’s campaign put out a statement about the media scrum:

The campaign had planned to cover our normal degree of media interest, which is always ample. However, a significant increase in the press corps, largely driven by an influx of foreign journalists, exceeded all expectations.

Mrs. Paul herself, attempting to campaign alongside her husband, was shoved aside by one reporter and told to “get out of the way.”

Photo credit: Vermin Supreme speaks into a megaphone as candidate supporters and protesters rally outside a Republican presidential candidates debate in Concord, New Hampshire, January 8, 2012. REUTERS/Eric Thayer


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Your information is clouded. I attended this event. I am a member of the senior class at Franklin High School in Franklin, Massachusetts. Our AP Government and Contemporary Issues classes loaded onto two coach buses and toured New Hampshire today, Monday 1/9, to meet as many Republican candidates as possible.

Contrary to what you write in this article, nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US will be able to vote in the upcoming election. There were less than ten underclassmen in our group. Get your facts straight. We had every right to be there.

Along with this, it wasn’t Franklin High School students that mobbed Ron Paul. WE stayed in our seats. Such cannot be said for the media, who quickly pounced on Ron Paul once he entered the building.

I cannot testify to the actions of one of our teachers (although I do doubt any of them did what is purported in this article), I can say that the media did ruin the event. The media should stand back and observe, not obstruct and irritate.

Posted by SHerlitz | Report as abusive

Media smear and triviality. You can’t make Ron Paul go away. We have heard him and we like what we hear. We the Ron Paul supporters now number in the millions.

We know that there is a choice “against politics as usual”. We will not settle for anything less.

Posted by Aristophanes | Report as abusive

thugs blocking Ron Paul from campaigning…

Posted by knightphart | Report as abusive

Another spin piece by the media to distort reality. Reporters with their mob like mentality constantly bombard Dr. Paul with irrelevant questions, and associated news-writers arbitrarily marginalize his supporters into ‘young’, ‘angry’, or ‘fringe’ groups. These folks need to focus on the actual ISSUES this country is facing and Dr. Paul’s views, which the majority of the public is concerned with, NOT some circus media event.

Posted by richster | Report as abusive

All one has to do is search YouTube for what happened. It was clearly the media that caused the circus and pushing his wife out of the way like that is so unprofessional it disgusts me. Blaming it on high school students that weren’t involved in the stampede is obsured.

Posted by Jonnyohi | Report as abusive

@SHerlitz…thank you for your firsthand account. I for one am proud that a young person like you has the fortitude to stand up and share your perception of the events that took place. Many people do not realize that more and more young citizens of this country are really starting to educate themselves about politics in our country. This knowledge will serve you well in making intelligent, informed decisions when you step into the voting booth. But please, leave the zombies to Call of Duty…do not cast your vote for Vermin Supreme.

Posted by One_If_By_Land | Report as abusive

Thank you for responding to this, SHerlitz. The way this story is being spun, it sounds like you guys were trying to sabotage Paul’s campaign. Good to hear you were at least trying to keep it civil.

Posted by itemforty | Report as abusive

Ha… Reuters was just owned by Franklin High School in Franklin Mass.

Posted by ThatGuy2 | Report as abusive

What a shame the high school students were not able to hear the only candidate that is interested in protecting their freedoms.

Posted by realitychk | Report as abusive

What an amazing comment from a senior in High School???!! Wow, I bet you wont find any articulate High School students speaking on behalf of any of the other candidates…

Thank you for clarifying the true nature of what happened… The media is so destructive, we have truly become quite fascist in our reporting styles…

Posted by Derektina2000 | Report as abusive

Ron Paul is being cheated by the media. The corrupt politicians don’t want Ron Paul to spread his message of freedom so their having the government run media hound him. Keep it up Ron Paul their scared of you.

Posted by Highlife69 | Report as abusive

Sounds like a set up to me! Someone did not want Ron Paul to be there. The media got a nice payoff for that fiasco! So sorry for the young people there and for Ron Paul’s wife! This really just makes Ron Paul’s following stronger so we cannot let these bad people bring us down. We must push on for America and for Freedom! God is our strength! Ron Paul is our Hero!

Posted by babybird48 | Report as abusive

SHerlitz Get use to it the news media always writes fiction. You can rarely trust their reports, possibly only PBS Newshour is the only fair television news. If you want to know what the candidates think, Google them and watch them on All media has a bias, they give false reports of events, ask loaded questions and mislead the public on most issues. My advice is never trust the press but research the facts yourself.

Posted by puckbubba99 | Report as abusive

I’m very sorry to hear that the media ruined the day for you SHerlitz.

You are absolutely right about their conduct though. There is a reason cameras have zoom lenses and sound guys carry boom mics. Let the real people do what they came to do and stay out of our way media.

Ron Paul 2012!

Posted by RelaxPrime | Report as abusive

Great post, SHerlitz. The author of this article appears to be very biased. Why he would take to the time to actually include some lunatic like Vermin Supreme in the article is beyond me. That’s exactly what the man wants: attention.

The most hilarious thing is that Mr. Jason McLure isn’t going to respond to your comment although you have shown many incorrect statements about the article.

McLure, this article sucks. Write something that isn’t a half-ass attempt at Onion news next time.

Posted by Wolfgang985 | Report as abusive

This student post is very important. It seems to speak to the reality, to the facts. Someone, or better ANYONE with guts, should shove back at the so-called media mob, especially when it mobs an event. McLuhan may never have dreamed of this particular application of his well known summary of his philosophy, “The Medium is the Message”.

It sure is, and in dire need of “editorial” revision.

Posted by aitengri | Report as abusive

Ron Paul a 12 term congressman whom has NEVER ONCE voted to increase taxes, has had consistent policy positions from the start. The other candidates simply say what the voters want to hear. Ron Paul warned us about the housing bubble, the debt crisis, the collapse of the US dollar, the high employment and recessions; basically, the entire collapse of our economy. He is the only candidate who can get us out of our mess.
Ron Paul is a patriot who has honorably served his country as a flight surgeon, defends both the constitution and civil liberties, and is for peace and prosperity. Paul has the wisdom, foresight, honesty and integrity to be president.
Mitt Romney does not where he stands on any issue; Michelle Bachmann is just very angry; Rick Perry does not know very much; John Huntsman has worked for Democrats for many years; Rick Santorum is an extremist; and Newt Gingrich is philosophically unanchored, an unstable element.
America Needs Ron Paul.

Posted by woman.for.paul | Report as abusive