Obama’s State of the Union in a word cloud

January 25, 2012

Obama uttered the words “tax” or “taxes” 34 times as he called for higher taxes on the rich, echoing a recent partisan theme of Democrats accusing Republicans in Congress of favoring tax breaks that favor the wealthy.

The Democratic president, who faces reelection in November, emphasized a fair tax code just a day after Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, his potential rival, released tax returns that showed he pays a lower effective tax rate than many top wage-earners.

“We need to change our tax code so that people like me, and an awful lot of Members of Congress, pay our fair share of taxes,” Obama said.

Obama, who faces reelection amid a stubbornly high unemployment rate of 8.5 percent, also said the word “jobs” 32 times.


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I feel energized and optomistic after President Obama’s speach

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thats it..this will be the perfect moment of posturing for the 99% movement…finally ows is mainstream..rock on!

Posted by kellycfa | Report as abusive

Great speech and a clear vision. I like where he wants to take the country and I believe the changes are absolutely necessary. He truly sees and grasps the big picture. America needs his vision. Old policies and ideologies got us out of step with the world and into the mess we are finally escaping.

Posted by abkisa | Report as abusive

Not surprising to see Reuters call Obama’s proposal “partisan”. Obama made a great observation in yesterday’s speech. Most of these ideas are only partisan in Washington. In most of America, they are just common sense.

Think about the correlation between the Occupy Movement (seen mostly as left-leaning) and the Tea Party (seen mostly as right-leaning). They have very similar ideas, and if we focus on those things that we agree on, we should have a path forward. It is political obstructionism and brinksmanship by both parties in Washington that creates the caustic atmosphere and do-nothing-government.

Posted by TrueIronPatriot | Report as abusive

His speech was nothing new: More programs, more debt, more statistical manipulations presented as fact, more government involvement in our day to day lives, more governmental costs for the 51 percent of us who actually pay for the delight of governmental intrusion. Obama’s speech was nothing more than a rerun of his first presidential campaign: More promises he cannot or will never keep. I truly wish I could believe but believing once was enough for me. This speech was more of the same presidential posturing aimed at our hearts and not our heads. The Democratic party has become a seething nest progressives, using a heraldic cry for class warfare, which they’ve used to their advantage publicly for decades as they cut us off at the knees behind their closed doors. No more. I’m done.

Posted by smbecker | Report as abusive

Why is it that it felt like Obama was the only adult in the room surrounded by obstinate children?

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