Comments on: Washington Extra – Easy money Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: Jonalist Thu, 26 Jan 2012 06:40:47 +0000 The bigger picture I have in my mind shows that a underground transit system would be far more capable of supporting the highest speeds possible and perhaps without any rails at all depending in the turbulent nature of the air space between the moving object and the wall of the tunnel, the faster it goes the more stable it becomes. At a relative speed of 100 overdrive kicks in and the turbo nature of plasma thrusters enables a unrecordable speed as this would be the Ultimate for transit systems far better than a High-Speed Rail. If the world ever decides that monitoring the ocean for debris movement is feasible then there will be a project that can launch the Ultimate from its underground tunnel into the ocean depth and become the first sub rail-less system between continents, Only a tamed undercurrent would allow this to occur without any debris collision – you can call it a ninth sense of knowing the moment that our migration travel can occur while large ships would become less depended upon and faster shipments would occur. This is a future of opportunity not choice and not simply a change because the fuel of design is Methane Pellets for the Plasma Engines, not Oil, not Natural Gas, not CNG or LPG. The molecular bond of H20 slows down a object because of the friction and collective adhesion to the object without those two factors the object is a separate body within the water. Its not a Supersonic DeLorean car since it is a train that can travel on land, in the ground tunnel or under water without a tunnel at ultrasonic speed. Hull pressure is the navigation tool to harness a vast computer field for travel between continents. Pressure produces an electrical charge, the more pressure the more the electrical charge, so its the body of the train that is superimposed with an electrical charge that causes the vibration of the water and ultimately producing a micron gap between the body and the water like a envelope while plasma engines are the only exposed portion that is providing thrust then there is no friction. Maintaining a constant hull pressure on the exterior body of the train surface is accomplished via electrical charge so the ocean current has little effect on the mobility. Scientific advancement in modes of travel, not a ‘Time Machine’, would be introduced beyond those which are governed capitalistic commercial operations such that the High-Speed Rail has become to the states that cannot afford to build it and will depend on private contractors to fund the project Obama laid out instead of the Keystone XL Pipeline. I reconcile the rejection based on my ideology that pipelines should be regulated to a depth ordinance throughout their layout and not be different in anyway or circumstance with a slight variable of one foot minimum to a maximum of two feet for depth evaluation when the pipeline is sub-surface so there is no excuse for the terrain being unlevel to have thirty foot depth at a hill and one foot depth in a valley. That is my first observation, the second observation is that terrain is being consumed so let’s suppose for a minute that we could create a train that travels without tracks where we have a pipeline buried we have less a chance to use that terrain for a train to travel, regulated throughways are yet proposed for any mode of travel much less a train and I would prefer to keep a train below surface as that eliminates so many obstacles and enhances safety. Why spend America’s money on a train that has a short distance to travel High-Speed when a different mode of travel at High-Speed is more possible? Objects that can fly are a better objective for travel that objects that have to have a rail to travel on which is subjected to the climate change for many years that require either renewal or entire replacement of sections miles long because of the warping. Massive & expensive highway construction is another reason that railway was destined to be better but the atmosphere if not kept clean because of development one day creates a toxic network that cannot maintain its bottled up nature and treks between cities and states because of a mode of travel. It creates a environmental disaster years later requiring reconstituting the entire rail system every six to ten years, when do we begin to replace the cloud or make the air quality we need on earth. Congress is off topic, shaken by to many distractions to realize what future lies ahead we must begin to consider instead of tossing money into the wind and hoping that the jobs created will make up the difference. What is suppose to be gained, a new Congress maybe then bring it on now.