Michelle Obama likes just being “Meesh”

February 11, 2012

ORLANDO – First lady Michelle Obama craves normalcy sometimes. The woman who has seemingly endless options living at the White House loves it most when she can hang out and just be “Meesh” to her family and friends.

Obama, who realizes her life will get even busier leading up to the Nov. 6 election, said she tries to get away from the “bubble” created by security and media at the White House and be as much of a regular person as she can.

“I go shopping. I go to my friends’ houses for dinner,” she said in an interview with a few reporters.

“Barack and I try as much as possible to get the girls out of the White House,” she said about her daughters Malia and Sasha. “That is important to us. There’s a freedom of getting them into some normalcy. When they’re outside of the bubble -– even if it’s going for a walk or going skiing or going for a bike ride — it just reminds them that their life is normal.”

A fond memory is taking the girls and traveling to Oregon not too long ago to see her brother Craig Robinson and his family.

“We stayed in his house, we sat on the back porch and we had barbeque. It was important for me to go there. We still are members of a family. We still have cousins and nieces and nephews who don’t see us in any other way other than ‘Meesh’ –- which is what my family calls me –- and ‘Barack.’ Those are the kind of other things that tend to be important.”

What is a good time? Going to her girlfriend’s house and “breaking down ‘this façade’ and having the girlfriend you always knew.”

“It’s important for me for sure and it’s definitely important for my friends and family.”

Photo credit: First lady Michelle Obama joins hands to pray with the Halls family as she dines with them in their home in Orlando, Florida, February 10, 2012. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque


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She craves normalcy, she says? Well good then. Leave.

Posted by Sensibility | Report as abusive

She likes to be “normal” and be away from the bubble and cameras? Just like the picture above? If she wanted so much normalcy, why was a picture taken? Just another photo-op to make people believe their just like the rest of us. By the way, I heard 3 employees of the white house’s staff was fired for calling her “Meesh”, these people are so narcissistic and conniving!

Posted by Smallville71 | Report as abusive

One telling sign, IMO, in the difference between the vitriol lobbed at Obama by the righties compared to the vitriol lobbed at Bush from the lefties is this; the left almost never attacked Mrs. Bush, while the right regularly goes after Mrs. Obama. I also think this is more evidence of the rights attitude toward the president and our country, if it is not ‘our’ guy/girl, they have no respect for the office and the person.

Posted by USAPragmatist | Report as abusive