Republican presidential primaries leaving African American voters cold

March 15, 2012

Some Republicans have talked about building a broader coalition as they fight Democratic President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election this year. But so far at least, they seem to be making no inroads in attracting black voters to back the party’s candidates in the primary race for the nomination to oppose the first African-American U.S. president in November.

The two Southern states that held Republican primaries on March 13, Alabama and Mississippi, are among those with the largest black populations – as a percentage of the total – of any in the United States. Mississippi, which is 37 percent black, is number one, and Alabama, at 26.2 percent, is sixth.

But according to CNN’s exit polls, only two percent of the voters in each state on Tuesday were black, a number so low that their support for any of the Republican presidential candidates registered as N/A — too small to register a preference. As John Nichols points out in The Nation, the results have been similar in other states that have held primaries so far. South Carolina, for example, is 27.9 percent black but had a 1 percent black voter turnout in the Republican primary, and in Michigan, which is 14.2 percent black, 2 percent of voters in the Republican primary were black.

African Americans account for 12.6 percent of the overall U.S. population, and supported Obama by a 96 percent to 4 percent margin in 2008 as he won the White House.

Kirsten Kukowski, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said the party would stress its economic message as the 2012 campaign continues.

“We’re going to be aggressively courting all Americans in the fall because this president’s economic policies have failed everyone in our country regardless of race or gender. The pro-economic grown, pro-family value message is on our side and we are committed to doing a better job communicating that with voters across the country,” she said.

Nichols noted that at least one Republican presidential candidate should know something about attracting black voters. George Romney, Mitt Romney’s father, attracted 30 percent of the black vote in 1966 when he ran for re-election as Michigan’s governor in 1966.


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Running in the auto industry’s home court in the halcyon days of the auto industry for governor and running today in the U.S. are two different stories in two different ages in two different universes.

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Wait just a dang minute there.
When the zealot from Pennsylvania is trying help Blaaaa…k’s by taking away welfare. And the Squire from Higher up the food chain says that poor people have a safety net.
And, Patricia from Reuters pretends that it’s a level playing field for all Americans ???
Why wouldn’t there be a low turn out… the very most sinister thing in the United States is the segregation that exists without the barbed wire, but is conveniently denied by those that practice it.

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No such thing as African American…….
You are either American…….or not!
99% of the people in America are immigrants………at least their fore-fathers were………but the majority of us today are Americans………we all have heritages……..BUT we are Americans!……or not!

It is just another way the politicians and journalists find a way to divide us all…….and make us weak…… make us believe we have to rely on them to fight for us.
It is political garbage….and right now….none of the politicans are worthy of spitting on!

Posted by randyl | Report as abusive

What trash this article is. Is the writers agenda tipped toward Obama? What CNN exit poll. What are the ingredients of the poll. Polls are worthless because they are unscientific, flawed, are not representative of actual statistical inquirys. These slanted polls are unrepresentative in general. Reuters continued throbbing of Americans with this approach to reporting demeans the once proud name Reuters is known for. Please enough of this.

Posted by Wassup | Report as abusive

Your story is silly. There is no African American, as you refer to them as,turnout in the Republican primaries becasue they all vote Democrat except for 1 or 2 percent of them.

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