Check one, two? Obama likes knowing when microphone is on

April 3, 2012


The microphone was hot, and this time, President Barack Obama was happily aware that he was being recorded.

During the opening of a speech he gave to news editors in Washington, Obama took a light jab at the media for reporting sideline discussions he had with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Seoul that were, unbeknownst to the pair, picked up by press microphones.

“It is a pleasure to speak to all of you — and to have a microphone that I can see,” Obama said to laughter from the audience of news executives.

“Feel free to transmit any of this to Vladimir if you see him.”

That was a sendup on Medvedev’s response to Obama during their exchange in Korea. The outgoing Russian leader said he would pass on or “transmit” Obama’s message to Vladimir Putin, who takes over his job as president in May.

In a nod to an already rich set of campaign one-liners and missteps, Obama said there would be more fodder for political banter to come.

“Clearly, we’re already in the beginning months of another long, lively election year,” he said.

“There will be gaffes and minor controversies, be hot mics and Etch-a-Sketch moments. You will cover every word that we say, and we will complain vociferously about the unflattering words that you write — unless, of course, you’re writing about the other guy — in which case, good job.”

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed


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The noteworthy thing about this incident was that Obama already knew who was going to win the next elections… He would have “more flexibility” after the next election.

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Maybe Obama can tell the press that they are “punching above their weight”.

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while making a gossip it’s better to know whether a third party heard u so that you can change tunation.Obama could have said that to Bd Putin but might have not wanted the press to be his translator.

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