President Obama speaks about the U.S. and European economies

June 8, 2012

President Obama will speak about the U.S. economy and the situation in Europe at 10:15am ET on Friday.

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NBC just kicked the President of the USA off the air for the French Open! (The lack of respect and civility that we are experience in the USA today is because of the way the media deals with important issues? What is their message here, watching a sporting event is far more important than the reality and stability of our nation?)
Although I did not see him answer final questions, I thought President Obama clearly and intelligently discussed the situation with the European markets and the relationship between what we are experiencing in the US markets and our economy as a whole. I see it reflected in my 401K, this past month there was a 10% decrease in International Investments (and I have no real control over how that money is being invested). The health of my 401K investment ultimately plays a part in the health of the USA economy.
I am very tired of the Republicans pointing their finger at President Obama about our economy when the Republican majority House has done all they can to destroy the public sector in this country and reduce the workforce (mainly unions) – teachers, firefighters, police, etc. With respect to teachers, educated citizens are our number one “renewable” resource, we need to foster it, not kill it.

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The network media is VERY controlled, verrry well orchestrated, timed- and has almost endless funding. There is NOTHING that happens on “accident”. I’ll tell you why they treated him in this way, interrupting his speech. A highly organized and extremely influential Public Affairs Committee also holds supreme power over the media itself, and is unhappy with a particular decision our president is making, and that is not promising to go to war with Iran. He is being pushed, pulled, prodded and “warned” (cough cough). I was NO FAN of the current administration, don’t get me wrong, but I also am a staunch supporter of the truth. I cannot stand someone being bullied, especially by dishonest people and that is exactly what is happening to him.

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