Romney touts tourism in fire-ravaged Colorado

July 10, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a message for what Americans can do to help a section of Colorado hit hard by recent wildfires – come to the state on vacation to help out the local economy.

Romney’s point, made during a visit to a food bank that has been supplying people uprooted by the wildfires, was that most of the region has been unaffected by the devastation and that the forests and lakes remain as beautiful as ever.

“What’s happened is people are staying away because they think the whole area has been burned out. It’s not. It’s as beautiful as it’s always been and tourists need to come back and stay in hotels, go to restaurants and purchase local merchandise,” he said.

Romney visited the Care and Share food bank and made a show of helping local volunteers sort through boxes of food and check to see if any of the food had expired.

The former Massachusetts governor spent all day in Colorado, hoping to convince enough voters to get behind him in a battleground state that President Barack Obama won in 2008.

Photo credit: Mitt Romney smiles before he speaks at a campaign event in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, June 16, 2012. REUTERS/Larry Downing

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Come, see the ashes? You can’t just tell people to come as tourists and expect them to do so, not to mention that the real reason tourism dollars are down is the lack of snow we had last winter, which was also the cause of the fires. If there is a vacation worth having here, tourists will come on their own. This is not the way to win over voters in this state; perhaps a plan for improving fire response or prevention? Some immigration reform plan at all, or better yet, one that will allow for actual immigration to occur? No, no, let’s just blame those tourists for not coming.

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