If middle class prospers, we all prosper: Obama in Olympics ad

July 27, 2012

A new national television advertisement released by President Obama’s campaign and slated to air during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games features the Democratic incumbent delivering an impassioned stump speech in which he ties national prosperity to the success of the middle class.

“I believe in fighting for the middle class because if they’re prospering, all of us will prosper,” Obama says in the 30-second advertisement, part of a $6 million Olympics ad buy, NBC confirmed. “That’s the idea of America and that’s why America is the greatest nation on earth.”

As Obama speaks, a montage shows “workers and doers and dreamers,” including a farmer loading hay into a pick-up truck, a woman punching in for her shift, and a suit-wearing father coming home to his family. The advertisement, which does not mention Mitt Romney, is a departure from a series of negative ads that criticized the former private equity executive’s business record and resistance to opening up his personal finances to increased scrutiny.

“Obama’s statement is a broad generalization. Real prosperity depends on all economic classes moving upward,” said Robert Kallan, a visiting economics professor at DePaul University, adding that the ad plays to undecided voters, the majority of whom are in the middle class.

The Romney campaign, which has not made an ad buy during the Olympics, NBC confirmed, released a statement on Friday highlighting poor economic numbers, seen as the biggest drag on Obama’s candidacy.

“Under President Obama, more and more Americans are working harder for less. Confidence is down, unemployment is high, and the middle class is suffering,” said Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg in an emailed statement.

U.S. economic growth slowed in the second quarter and consumer sentiment dropped in July, according to a Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan survey.

Credit: BarackObama.com/YouTube


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wait so this is new information?? really?!? why has he done nothing to employ 14 million middle class workers who have been unemployed the last 4 years hes been in office??? jus’ sayin’

Posted by justinolcb | Report as abusive

If you want to help the middle class lets get an energy policy that lowers the cost of gasoline and power for us. The rising cost of energy in the country is the biggest contributor to the rising costs of food and goods in the country. All of that hits the middle class and lower the hardest. Democrats are against the necessary actions that would need to be taken for this to happen. Obama himself is for raising the cost of our energy even further. Petroleum is still the largest producer of energy in the US with almost 1/3 of our electric coming from it. Replace those plants with nuclear, natural gas, and clean coal now. Work on solar and other fuels and when it becomes cost competitve with fossile fuels great, don’t rais the cost of fossil fuels artificially to make them competitive. This is my biggest problem with the environmentalist agenda, it hurst the middle class and lower class.

Posted by TheNewWorld | Report as abusive

No move to increase the minimum wage. Totally toothless ‘attempt’ to regulate and reign in institutions that are too big to fail. Zero pursuit of the corporate pirates that just about leveled our economy. Health care reform that skimmed over most of the bedrock problems of the system. No attempt to fix the budget or cut defense spending. No attempt to close Guantanamo. We’re still in Afghanistan. His love affair with me middle class has me all twitterpated!

But hey, you suckers bought it the first time. And Romney’s mostly a clone of Obama (ivn.us/2012/07/17/100-ways-mitt-romney- is-just-like-barack-obama/), so now it’s lookin like a win-win! That’s the change I can believe in.

Posted by ffortner | Report as abusive

Unfortunately, Obama is only looking out for HIS JOB, not yours…He didn’t start working on ‘Jobs’ until 2012… while America burned… Of course, Obama never missed a round of ‘Golf’ or a ‘Vacation’ like the ‘MIDDLE CLASS’ has for almost 4 years. He’s moving to the ‘Center’, just like he did in 2008…but he’ll move to the LEFT if he’s re-elected.. Don’t buy into his RHETORIC again, look at his record of FAILURES!! Obamacare is nothing but TAXES for EVERYONE…. Businesses are NOT HIRING because of all the REGULATIONS & TAXES inflicted by this MARXIST ADMINISTRATION… WAKE UP PEOPLE, while we still have a country left… REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

Posted by dreilman1 | Report as abusive

How does the middle class prosper when our government has hung over $70 trillion in unfunded liabilities around our neck? Party now, but sink tomorrow. Our current path is that of Greece.

Posted by actnow | Report as abusive

If I speak it people will believe me. Thank goodness the american public is oblivious to the facts that the middle class has suffered more under this president than any president since Carter

Posted by costag1 | Report as abusive

Obama is absolutely correct: If the middle class prospers, we all prosper.

The problem is that the middle class is no better off than they were 4 years ago and Obama has no plan for organic job/wage growth to foster a prosperous middle class.

He is a one trick pony – stimulus spending. We need something beyond just short term stimulus, we need a medium and long term plan, and Obama simply does not have such a plan.

Posted by jaham | Report as abusive

When the middle “class” (God I hate those dang labels with a passion) prospers we all prosper. I’m wondering how he defines prosperity. Cause holding people back with one side attacks against another group’s success isn’t the way to instill confidence and well being in America. Prosperity isn’t just about who has more than the other, it’s about a nation that is in balance with stable prices and a feel good vibe that says it really doesn’t matter what “class” you’re from, cause we are all contributors to our nation in some way-great or small. If he keeps encouraging angry division cause he’s a bratty immature ego driven man with a twisted agenda, no one rich or poor or anywhere in between benefits. No one! This president is way, way too far left extreme. He’s an uber radical narcissist without an inkling of what money is or how it really works. His agenda speaks clearly for itself. He’s about taking away the voice of values that are based on enhancing the greater good. To even have the gay marriage thing a “platform” at the democratic convention shows how radically off course he is. This President makes no sense to me. Why would he want to deny inner city DC kids a chance to go to a better school via a voucher system? He attempted to block it. It was the modern day Republicans, those who believe in all persons having the same opportunities in life as another, who pushed it through. Our uber liberal President wants bitter, angry, joyless people to grow in numbers so he can pretend to be a defender of their miseries. Pish posh. He’s holding everyone back from thriving, growing and developing into self sufficient, strong individuals. Look I don’t despise democrats, I actually liked the way Bill Clinton presided when he was President. Then again, Clinton wasn’t an uber extreme left wing liberal either so there’s no comparison. But Clinton truly did understand what balance meant and knew how to work the numbers to create a surplus. I hated his morals though. Obama needs to stop pointing fingers at everyone else and admit he’s out of his league as a National leader. He has had ample time and opportunity to develop and create sound policy and plans. He chose not to. So that’s why we are where we are today. And the whole class labeling thing needs to stop! Never, ever have I heard so much labeling of others as I have from this administration.

Posted by QuidProQuo | Report as abusive