Comments on: McConnell: New Obama term offers divided Washington new start Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: EMTbiker Wed, 23 Jan 2013 09:08:50 +0000 The Five major beneficiaries of this last election are, China, Saudi Arabia, the UN, Manhattan and the Washington bureaucracies.

China will continue to maintain its massive trade imbalance and loan back their free trade profits to Washington at terms,conditions and with pleges of collateral ( like Taiwan) favorable to the multi-millionaires who run the Chinese Communist Party. The EPA will continue to shut down competitive American factories and displace both union and non-union workers for the benefit of China
Ever since 9-11 when 19 Saudis attacked the World Trade Center, our nation has aided Saudi Arabia and their Sunni jihadist in destroying every Shia rival to Riyadh. We will continue to arm and give Billions in aid to Sunni terrorist like those in the Muslim Brotherhood despite the fact that it is Saudi financed and supported terrorist who attack the US from Libya ( Benghazi) Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Egypt and Pakistan.
Our President and Senate will continue to use treaties as a means of treason, turning over sovereignty to non-elected foreign plutocrats and bureaucrats. (Perhaps some of the ones who own our national debt?) A new Pacific Free Trade Treaty is in the works, insuring American businesses relocate to avoid over taxation and over regulation. Since Treaties supercede our Constitutional Rights, the socialist will use treaties as a means of implementing their one-world dictatorship , In this, they will imitate Benedict Arnold who also betrayed this country for money and a patent of nobility in a global government ruled by elite lords.
Our” too big to fail” TARP beneficiaries and the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank will greatly benefit with this new administration. They too control the economy , money supply and interest rate with the impunity of tyrants and dictators. These Manhattan plutocrats, like Goldman Sachs and its subsidiary the US Treasury, will sell Cap and Trade government issued carbon ration cards for further lucrative profits.This is what the president means by combating the effects of a gas that comprises 0.0036 of the atmoshere and ostensibly causes global warming.
Our Washington Bureaucrats will grow in power as they further restrict personal freedom and opportunities for prosperity. Like the President with his executive orders, governmant agencies will continue their dictates, rules regulations and restrictions with as much concern for the common citizen as Marie Antoinette or the concern that the EPA had for the UMW. Why not? Bureaucrats, like federal politicians, make six legal figures, no matter what.