Sanders hit by #BernieSoBlack meme

July 20, 2015
 Sanders at a rally in Texas. REUTERS/Mike Stone

Sanders at a rally in Texas. REUTERS/Mike Stone

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ visit on Saturday to Netroots Nation, a political convention for American progressives, didn’t go quite as planned.

The gathering, which featured Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, was shouted down by Black Lives Matter protesters, who chanted “say her name,” demanding that the White House hopefuls say the names of black people who were killed by police.

The protesters took over the stage when O’Malley was speaking and continued shouting when Sanders took the stage.

“Should I continue or leave?” Sanders asked journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who was supposed to interview the candidates.

Sanders then raised his hand and turned to the protesters, seemingly angry:

“Listen, black lives of course matter and I spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and for dignity,” he shouted. “But if you don’t want me to be here that’s okay.”

After the incident, the hashtag #BernieSoBlack trended on Twitter as users debated the chaotic convention and Bernie Sanders’ reaction. Here’s what a few of them were saying:


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What would be the correct response? Is there an acceptable one? Is any office holder or candidate providing these correct responses, or even close?

I see lots of angry and frustrated groups, but am having trouble finding any specific solutions being offered.

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So Shillary Clinton who tweeted that All Lives Matter is OK in their book, but Sanders who agreed with them (and was unaware of the situation specifics of their agenda that they were trying to shout over him) is NOT ok?

How about instead of trying shout down guest speakers (this was not the candidates events, they were at a NetRoots event) you listen to what they have to say, then try some outreach to his campaign with your concerns? I can almost guarantee that someone from Sanders’ campaign would have gotten back to them, and then we wouldn’t be seeing the vast amount of news hit pieces trying to attack Bernie.

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“but white progressivism has not solved injustice”

We haven’t had any form of progressivism in this country in a long time. Regressive policies are a major impact on black lives.

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I think quite a few of us are grateful there is some alternative to the soso that define what candidates and elections are comprised of. That said, the entrenched interests and strategies that usually work to dominate the election cycle will most likely prevail again.

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We need to cure cancer
We need to cure ALL Diseases

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This is awesome to behold. Bernie is probably the only candidate running, the only candidate in perhaps decades, that actually cares for everybody. The one fellow that actually cares, is actually on their side, and they shout him down. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. /golfclap

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UPDATE: Soros-backed “Black Lives Matter” professional activists now turn their social media presence toward ridiculing Bernie Sanders with the #BernieSoBlack hastag. It’s trending on top right now. I guess he’s doing that on behalf of his friend Killary Clinton.

UPDATE: Tia Oso was the first uninvited protester to take the stage. She heads up Black Alliance for Just Immigration which is directly funded by the Open Society Foundation, and George Soros. I rest my case.  /18/soros-backed-black-lives-matter-pro test-group-interrupts-and-shuts-down-ber nie-sanders-address-at-netroots-nation-v ideos/

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