Graham: Let’s talk about ISIS. Please.

September 16, 2015

Lindsey Graham wants to talk about ISIS, and he used every opportunity he could in Wednesday night’s debate for lower-polling candidates– even when he was asked about something else.

The South Carolina senator devoted his minute-long introduction time to argue for the use of troops to fight ISIS. An hour into the debate, Graham mentioned at least three times that he’s made 35 trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. Asked about the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage, Graham squeezed in a reference to ISIS.

“Whether you’re the wedding cake baker, the gay couple, or preacher – radical Islam would kill you all if they could,” Graham said.

Graham, who has failed to build any momentum for his campaign, has more foreign policy experience than the rest of the Republican field. He serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, spending years being deeply involved in strategy regarding the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he’s made talking about the fight against ISIS a key to his campaign, including devoting half of his announcement speech to the topic.

Lower-polling debate candidates: Rick Santoru, Bobby Jindal and Lindsey Graham.

And with the spotlight of the debate stage — as much of a spotlight as there is for the bottom ranks of the competitors who didn’t make the main event — Graham kept up his doom warnings.

“If I’m president of the United States we’re going to send more ground forces into Iraq because we have to,” Graham said. “If we don’t destroy ISIL soon, they’re coming here.”


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”If we don’t destroy ISIL soon, they’re coming here.”

To the GOP campaign field !??

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