Kasich Super PAC pivots to national security in TV ad debuting Monday

September 25, 2015

A new TV ad touting Ohio Governor John Kasich’s national security credentials over the rest of the Republican presidential field will hit New Hampshire’s airwaves Monday morning.

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The ad by the New Day for America Super PAC supporting him, obtained by Reuters and viewable here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=762wogDccxg&feature=youtu.be, opens with a jarring reminder that a multitude of foreign policy concerns and crises are certain to loom large over the November 2016 election, including threats from ISIS, Russian President Vladimir Putin, al Qaeda, North Korea, a nuclear Iran, China and cyber attacks. Kasich claims he is the only one among his rivals for the White House with the experience to restore American leadership on the chaotic global stage.

He’s making that argument aggressively while other candidates fixate on immigration and standard economic policy: He lists his 18 years of national security experience on the U.S. House Armed Services Committee as the second major selling point on the biographical page on his campaign website.

While Florida Senator Marco Rubio is trying to carve out a niche on foreign policy in the Republican field with a targeted focus on it, neither he nor former Florida Governor Jeb Bush have stated clearly whether they would commit American ground troops to fight Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

But like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Kasich has. In several national interviews this year Kasich has said ground troops are necessary to eradicate Islamic State forces in the Middle East and that American troops will need to join with troops of other nations to do it. He has suggested a combat mission should begin in Syria because the ISIS caliphate is headquartered there.

New Day for America, the Super PAC supporting Kasich’s bid, is funding the spot and swapping it into its New Hampshire rotation starting Monday. It is part of an ad buy worth $5.35 million that began in early July and lasts through October 12.

The ad debuts in New Hampshire just a few days after back-to-back campaign events highlighting this experience: He’ll campaign at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, today and headline a national security forum hosted by Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security in Sioux City, Iowa, on Saturday.


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In the wake of the coming onslaught of TV ads and auto-dial phone calls some of us will receive invitations to participate in polls or focus groups. The information we provide is what political operatives need to determine which statements turned us on or off in their ads, i.e. which lies we are willing to believe. Don’t participate in polls or focus groups. Deny the candidates the information they need to avoid telling us what they truly believe and will work for. This simple action will reduce the value of the billions spent by the candidates and their supporters on propaganda messages designed to deceive.

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Few care about National Security, even these days, this is a wasted focus on a point that will get little traction in the general election. Go ahead though, waste your money. It’s good for New Hampshire.

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